Friday, May 26, 2017

Update on Christie Michelle Bray Scott

For those who came in late:


Earlier today, the murderer of Christie Michelle Bray Scott's aunt was put to death by the State of Alabama. As for Christie herself? She's in her ninth year of incarceration, with over seven of those years having been spent in an isolation cell identical to that of Tommy Arthur.

Will we now be forced to watch Christie grow old in photographs, forced to wonder if every execution date will be her last...or simply a routine milestone on her long journey to punishment? Scott is one of many whose jury recommended life in prison, but whose judge pronounced a death sentence.


It would appear that Scott's family is sending her money for food. It would also appear that she hasn't taken the time to have her rosacea treated with a laser. Oh, sorry, just a little death row humor there. 


Above is the tombstone of Scott's younger brother Lonnie. These dates indicate the infamous Russellville child killer was only four when her younger brother died. If Scott was responsible for his death, she would have been much too young to prosecute. She would not have been too young to be presenting sociopathic tendencies. How much has Scott's family had to endure because of her?

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