Monday, May 1, 2017

Will Tommy Die in 22 Days?

We're sure many out there think Thomas Dale Arthur won't die on May 25th. He's escaped the chair and needle seven times so far. While we don't bet as a rule, if we had to, we'd bet he goes to his reward this time. Why?

Was This Really Tommy?

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied hearing his latest appeal and his attorney Suhana Han filed a request for new DNA testing that was denied by Gov. Ivey. Previous testing found no DNA present in the wig Arthur allegedly wore when he killed Troy Wicker. So is this the best Han has? If so, there would appear to be little left legally for Tommy to cling to.


Conflict of interest? It seems to be everywhere. We've just had a reader ask us how Butch Whitehead can be the electrical inspector for the City of Muscle Shoals and also serve a paid position on the Muscle Shoals Electric Board. 

Is this a conflict of interest? We welcome reader comments.


  1. Seems like colbert county has several people who work with some conflict of interest i personally feel judge hatcher and DA Graham should have considered this during a recently discussed case.

    1. True, when there is a conflict of interest professionals in the judicial system should dismiss themselves! Oh wait.... then you can't cover things up, supposedly lose things and tell any lie you want to!