Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Educational?/Attorney Envy?

From Sunday's TimesDaily: 

Does anyone think this might be why Alabama is 51st in many areas of education?


On the West Irvine Student Housing front, here's a link to the company seeking to purchase property from Hensley-Graves if it can be rezoned:

Now that doesn't look too shady, does it?


From a reader on the American Dream:
The American Dream gone wrong sounds just like an Alabama family court child custody divorce situation. Ha! For certain people, sometimes it would just be best to leave Alabama and start another life elsewhere. 


From a local attorney: 

I primarily practice in Florence, but I do frequent the Colbert County Court House regularly. I have no objection to wearing a badge identifying me as a member of the bar. I do have a problem with removing my belt every time I enter the court house. Of the six county commissioners, only David Black opposes the option of providing badges for local attorneys. Why, Mr. Black? Attorney envy? 


The Colbert County Commission has been working on kinks in its new security system for approximately six months. Apparently the end is not in sight. Oh, wait! It may be if enough attorneys are forced to remove their belts.

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