Thursday, May 11, 2017

Judge Jackie Hatcher's Crush/Written on the Wind

The crush? It's Candy Crush. It seems several witnesses in the Chris Martin murder trial are willing to testify that Jackie Hatcher was playing Candy Crush on an I-Pad while the trial was in session. Was she? If any of our readers have had a similar experience while testifying in Judge Hatcher's courtroom, please contact us.

Supporters of Chris Martin are also taking on conduct of District Attorney Bryce Graham and the Quad-Cities Daily. We'll have more on this later.

No matter how long we publish here, it seems some think one person writes all the blogs. Yesterday we published three separate opinions from three separate critics of Muscle Shoals High School. Regular readers know we are happy to publish your comments, from short to blog length. Your opinions do not have to be ours, just keep it civil.

One comment was from a person related to a recreation league basketball team coach. While we have had close associates connected to the NSA, we've never had any connected to the NBA.

While it probably does little good in some cases, we ask that you look at the top of each article, or at least the signature line, to determine who is writing what. Let's hope that will clear it up for most of our readers.

As we write this, we lack approximately a dozen likes having 6,000 on Facebook. We realize that many have more than one account. We also realize that, sadly, in the length of time we've been posting our blog links to FB, some of our fans have passed away. On the other side of the coin, approximately one-third of our readers don't access our blogs via FB, but do so directly or through e-mail.

We usually have around 3,000 readers each day and appreciate each of you. We give you a voice. We may not be able to solve your problem, but we can let you publicize and vent.

Sincere thanks to all of you.


  1. She played on her little tablet all during the trial!! When one of the lawyers opposed something she'd have to ask them to repeat it because apparently she was not paying attention. When Amanda was up on the stand she held the tablet up and didn't even try to hide her game playing. Very distracting to Amanda because she could see it out of the corner of her eye ~ CANDY CRUSH. She was on the stand at least couple hours or more. Each time ~ Judge was messing with the tablet. And that's the truth! With I would've recorded her😐

  2. i was on the stand and when i happen to look over while the DA was questioning me i noticed hatcher was on candy crush an app on her ipad. Amanda and coleman both testified as well and could tell you the same thing. . Also chris says hatcher i cried in your court over the death of my friend and the loss for his family, at my sentencing you said " i played with life and was irresponsible and unremorseful" chris asked how can you form such a strong opinion of me when you werent even paying attention .

  3. Yes, Chris cried several times. If she had only looked at him or paid attention during the trial she would know how remorseful and sad he was. Hatcher didn't look at him because she already knew what she was going to do regardless. She could have cared less about the truth only to give Chris the maximum time.. 20YEARS!!!

  4. I wonder how she sleeps at night. How can she take oath to be just and fair and then play God with other people's lives. Was it because her daughter in law had such close ties to the Campbell family.