Friday, May 19, 2017

Who Is David Black? - A Guest Editorial

The following is a guest editorial from a Colbert County resident. We have edited the the material before publishing:


David Black, Aspiring???
The upcoming U.S. Senate race promises to have a huge dose of conservative values from the extreme right to moderate to common sense platforms.

Take candidate Roy Moore. There is certainly no doubt that Mr. Moore is an extremely far right conservative to the point of being accused of being radical.

Is it radical to believe and post the Ten Commandments?

Is it radical to believe that Same-Sex Marriage is wrong and should not be legal in the state of Alabama?

These issues will be at the forefront in the U.S. Senate race and be debated in many forums.

But, how conservative is the Shoals area and particularly Colbert County?

While the National Republican Party stands strong in Family Values, Marriage between a man and woman, Fiscal Responsibility, State Rights, Right to Bear Arms and other conservative values that our great country was founded on, some would argue that the National Republican Party is out of touch with the south and the Shoals. Let’s look at similarities and differences in local and national beliefs and practices.

Recently, the Colbert County Republican Executive Committee allowed Probate Judge Daniel Rosser to join the Republican Party. He now is rightfully a bona fide card carrying red shirt member of the conservative party. Daniel Rosser stood against same-sex marriage pressure as Probate Judge. He did the right thing and stands firm in his belief then and now. I’m sure this was one of many things that won him favor with the good bible thumping Republicans. Similarly, his actions strongly reflect Republican conservative core values.

It’s not hard to misinterpret his honorable intentions and values, since his actions are a reflection of his deep rooted Christian principles. The test will come in November 2018 when Daniel Rosser is on the ballot as a Republican with others that we assume have also stood up for those values the silent majority believe in.

It would be nice if all situations were as clear as Daniel Rosser.

Voters need to thoroughly research each candidate. Do not accept that a Republican candidate practices and promotes conservative values. For instance, Colbert County Commissioner David Black. Mr. Black was elected in the Muscle Shoals majority Republican city. However, looking at his background can make the faintest of heart a little confused. Mr. Black’s campaign manager was actively involved in the gay & lesbian “Pridefest” in 2015. His manager helped with the Pridefest event as well as the manager’s wife being featured in Times Daily for organizing Pridefest events in her role as Pridefest board member. This would hardly seem like someone a good conservative Republican would employ as a campaign manager and activist.

Facebook pages currently feature Mr. Black’s travels with the same Pridefest supporter as they hit the campaign trail for what is rumored to be Black’s 2018 race for Alabama State Treasurer.

Mr. Black who “teaches” economics at UNA needs to be forthcoming about his stand, personal values & activities. What are his qualifications, core beliefs, financial degrees, educational certifications, personal accomplishments?

As much as Colbert County would benefit if Mr. Black would “move on”, the Colbert County Democratic party does not want to lose a friend like David Black and his progressive ideas. It will be interesting to see how far those progressive ideas go in a race for state treasurer once he’s exposed.The Shadow may know, but we are the voters and we need answers.

Signed: A Registered Colbert County Voter


Our take? As for Roy Moore, we consider him a psychopath. Nor do we believe Christians should follow the Ten Commandments...if we did, we would all be Seventh Day Adventists. As for the rest, we find it extremely interesting and eagerly await this voter's next installment.


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  1. As a former co-worker with David Black at UNA, I find your comments regarding his teaching abilities highly insulting. I have personally seen David go the extra mile to work with students. He is great in and out of the classroom and is a respected colleague in the College of Business at UNA. If you disagree with his politics, then talk about the issues. In fact, you can discuss them with Mr. Black himself as he holds office hours every week in the Colbert County courthouse to make himself available to voters. To question his character or his work ethic while hiding safely behind the name "anonymous" is cowardly. Shame on the website that published this slander piece.

    Ron Davis

  2. This is a "guest commentary"???? Sounds more like a smear campaign tactic from someone associated with the Rosser campaign. And the crime that Mr Black committed? Having someone supposedly associated with his campaign who had the NERVE to support a fledgling gay community in the Shoals? If this was his "crime" he will definitely get my vote! We have enough "fake Christians" in Montgomery and the Shoals! And I AM a registered Colbert country VOTER!

  3. Just one more thing and this is your "quote" "Recently, the Colbert County Republican Executive Committee allowed Probate Judge Daniel Rosser to join the Republican Party. He now is rightfully a bona fide card carrying red shirt member of the conservative party." Sounds more like you are a black shirt "thug" welcoming a new member into the KKK or the Nazi party. Sometimes it is so obvious how warped the far right republican mind really is. By all means, why don't all you "bona fide" republicans start wearing RED SHIRTS so you can be easily identified and avoided on the streets!

  4. David L. Black is a kind man.