Sunday, May 7, 2017


Earlier tonight, hackers, who apparently reside in Russia or adjacent country and have a Yandex mail address, gained access to both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We've secured our Facebook, but not yet Twitter. Therefore, if you see that we've advocated attacking Ft. Knox with a Bowie knife and toothpick, you know it wasn't us.

It's possible our Twitter may be down for some days; however, we don't Tweet every day, so that's no biggie. Do we have any idea how this was accomplished? No, since we haven't visited any odd sites, but it would seem some people in non-English speaking countries have too much time on their hands. 


Speaking of Tweets, did you see Christi Onocki's Sunday barrage of posts on some of the irregularities at the Chris Martin trial in Colbert County? She took on everyone from Judge Jackie Hatcher to the Quad-Cities Daily. We'll be addressing her charges this week, so stay turned. 


There are six more days in the regular Alabama Legislature session. Anyone want to bet that there won't be a special session again this year...or will Gov. Ivey decide to have mercy on us citizens and pretend that we aren't 49th to 51th (counting District of Columbia) in almost every category?


Florence is the 11th largest city in Alabama, so why was it recently voted as being only the 17th best city in which to live in this state? We call foul on this statistic!

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  1. Christi onocki is on a roll shoalanda. Cannot wait to see more.