Monday, May 8, 2017

Special: More Hacking!

About an hour ago, our FB account was again hacked; this time it was definitely accessed by someone whose first language isn't English. So why would a "ferner" take our blog so personally? We'll take a very educated guess it's because of the link he posted to a registered sex offender's site.

This link lists a lady who lives in Killen who has made one post here--about child rape. Seeing a trend here? Yes, this lady greatly offended Derek Logue with a national post she once made, and of course since she lives in this area, she must blog for us. Uh, no, Derek, she doesn't. She is welcome to at any time, and we believe she may have something to say about all this. 

So, until we get all the passwords changed, pst, Jason, keep the terms of endearment to a minimum!

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