Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shoals City TV

Casey Eggleston

From Shoals City TV:

We are so excited to announce a new TV show on Comcast Channel 3 - "Shoals City TV" This show interviews elected officials, highlights events, festivals, community projects, non-profit organizations and shine a light on what's is happening in each city.

The show is hosted by Casey J. Eggleston. The show is produced by Steve & Cindy Jackson of Jackson Media. Every Friday evening, Casey Interviews individuals from all of North Alabama to create an informative show on what is going on in the Shoals. 

Jackson Media now have 4 shows on Comcast - Shoals City TV, Muscle Shoals Hits, University Caraoke & Jackson Media TV.


We hope everyone makes Shoals City TV a regular part of their viewing lineup. That brings us to a very interesting point. We've discussed local news before; we've advocated consulting as many sources as possible in an effort to piece together a complete local picture of just what cooks in the Shoals. 

Do you prefer press releases? Or perhaps you favor original articles in online news? Of maybe you like a mixture of both? While our blog is a commentary, not a news blog as such, we realize the importance of online news in today's world. 

Tell us what you like. We'll have more later.

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