Sunday, May 28, 2017

Muscle Shoals Wins...or Do We Mean Sheffield?

The U.S. Census Bureau released new estimated data on May 25th, and there were only a few surprises:

* Florence has been boasting for some time that it has over 40K residents, but the latest from the census bureau indicates it still lacks 41 individuals having attained that milestone - something the town has been touting as just around the corner since the 60s.

* 22 Alabama towns with a population over 10K lost residents - none of them in the Shoals.

* Only one Shoals area town placed among the fastest growing 25 Alabama cities - Muscle Shoals which came in at 24th.

So that makes Muscle Shoals a winner in the census sweepstakes. Alas, the town lost in an article which posted a photo of a Sheffield landmark under Muscle Shoals' name. Is that Ian Sanford we hear laughing?


Above is the seal of Muscle Shoals. We've always been amused that it includes an airplane. We infer it's in reference to the area's largest airport located in that city. Yet even that wide place in the road Toonerville has an airport...

Photo by H. Green


Since Ups & Downs Thrift Store officially closed last week, an announced picket/protest didn't take place this weekend. There are all sorts of rumors of a new thrift store for the Shoals Area Families Foundation, not to mention lawsuits filed by the owner against various individuals, but nothing has yet been verified. We'll update the legal status of this organization when more information is made public.

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