Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Fight DHR?

How do you fight the Alabama Department of Human Resources? The answer for most, is that you can’t. Why? Because it requires both the know-how and the resources, and those with both are rarely the targets of DHR.

When we first began this blog, we knew little of the workings of DHR. We just assumed that those children taken from their biological parents were guilty of some heinous crimes...and we assumed that was the spurious source of most complaints against DHR.

Why has our opinion of DHR changed over the years? It changed with the realization there is no rhyme or reason to most DHR actions. It changed when we realized that DHR actually profited financially when families were split up. It changed when we saw the abuse close up and personal and realized how many innocent families were hurt.

It certainly changed when we became friends with Mark Davis and witnessed his fight against the system that was supposed to protect his daughter, but in reality has caused her more damage than any child should have to suffer. We frequently post editorials from those involved in these fights. Keep sending them.

We also frequently receive requests for either information on how to fight DHR or perhaps even requests to actually help in this fight. No one who blogs here is an attorney, and rest assured an attorney is what you need. Make sure the attorney is well versed in child custody laws in the state (in other words, don’t use your second-cousin the patent attorney), but is not a part of any local good ol’ boy system. The latter may be harder than you would think.

Someone out there has to have both the stamina, funds, and common sense to force an overhaul of these current laws. Let’s hope it comes soon.



  1. Please do an update on this blog. DHR/CPS are getting worse and worse. Update is absolutely necessary. Please include all of Alabama by county once you have a large following. I live in Lamar County, but was put through an unjust living nightmare from Fayette Co. DHR workers and mngt.

    1. Is ther protesters to help and were can I find them

  2. I need mothers and familys voices to stop corrupted DHR ,attorney,judges....need people that are willing to protest everywhere....I am going to start in July or August in Dothan Alabama little girl is 12 she has been in DHR 2 years and she has did drugs,drink until wasted not knowing if she had sex with the 15 year old boy she woke up by with condoms every were at a party were was the adults at the time were was the foster parent ,how is it the case worker or the attorney don't know why doesn't the judge let my child tell her part..I know why $$$$$$ but I ask them how much thay wanted I would give it to them just to give me my child how do we know if parenting classes and anger managment works if you can't get a 2nd chance.

  3. In Lee county Judge fellows has a cash cow going. He targets the people with money to pay. All his cases are decided behind closed doors before they ever start. His favorite psycologist Bridgett Smith is up on charges of ethics violations right now with the board of exanimers. The take in cash on fridays from poor people he has put into slavery is in the ten"s of thousands. The lawyers that go up against him get shutt down. Bradford Ladner in Birmingham found that out fast!!!!

  4. Jcdhr has my 5 children for almost a year. They r awful liars and they have violated my rights! All jackson co r n it together the judge too. They have not let me speak not one time on my behalf or my childrens behalf. They dont care bout any child all they want is the money! It is unjust i have complained and now they say im harassing! They want to terminate my rights and i have done EVERYTHING they have asked me to do and they have nothing on me no arrests no police reports nothing! They r liars

  5. I would like more information on this. My case went through Fellows also. I am trying at this time to get my daughter out of a mental hospital and have the permenancy changed back to return to home. I am

  6. Alabama dhr has violated my rights an taken my children from me an my fiance we have done everything dhr has told us to do ta gain custody of our children an they still will not return our babies home to us, one of iyr kids were taken from another county I didnt live in or have my baby in for no reason just false allegation an they didn't look for proof nor found any they took our last child when hr turned four months old saying they were taking him because our home was in my father inlaw name an they didn't like were we lived they are corrupt an have no reason of taking our children an we have done everything they have ask us to do an still they want return our children home they have put our four year old Ob ADHD medicine when his family doctor said no he didn't need it so they put him in a doctor care that would do it they have done so much to our family an have no reason to putnus threw this an most of all our children threw this we don't deserve this if anyone can please help us we can't afford a attorney that know about this stuff please if anyone can help with giving advice hearing our whole story so I can tell everything that has happened if there is a attorney out there any help we would truly appreciate it.