Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seth Lewey: Another Olivis Victim?

It was a small Shoals company, publicly traded, and very successful. The company had a total of two CEOs in its 40 years of life, and a third long-time employee was set to become the company's newest leader. The problem?

Stockholders were happy that the company was very successful, but they believed in the then current economic climate the business was set to become a shooting star of success in its field. The stockholders met, and at the end of the day a new president had come out of nowhere. The new leader quickly fired many employees and brought in his own team. Many locals were upset. What could they do?

The answer is "nothing." It was a publicly owned company and the stockholders had spoken. What if it's a government entity? What can the taxpayers do? We say, "a lot," and it may now be time for the citizens and taxpayers of Colbert County to speak out.

We know that Robert Montgomery, principal of Colbert Heights Elementary, is not the only long-time education employee to meet the wrath of current superintendent Anthony Olivis. A short six weeks after Olivis took office in January of last year, Seth Lewey turned in his notice ostensibly due to health reasons.

Lewey had been principal of Hatton Elementary School and a supporter of Robert Montgomery in the 2012 superintendent's race. Did he really have health problems? If he did, they cleared up as soon as he resigned from Hatton; he now teaches third and fifth grades at Colbert Heights. Perhaps in an area where teachers are as numerous as mosquitoes in the dog days of summer, Mr. Lewey took what he could get?

Olivis' second would-be victim? We know the name, but have been unable to get a statement from the educator. Often, parties in legal suits agree to a gag order, and this may be the case with the principal from western Colbert County.

Robert "Tuc" Montgomery has now become Tony Olivis' third victim in assembling his team of rural educators, all of whom will publicly support Olivis in the next superintendent's race. Let's hope Mr. Montgomery, his attorney Tim Case, and the citizens of Colbert County will draw a line in the proverbial sand of good ol' boyism...


It would seem some in the Colbert Heights area are rumor-mongering. Let's clear up any reports that there is money missing from the school. From Pen-N-Sword:



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    1. What are the odds that all three principals are either supporters of Montgomery or Mr. Montgomery himself? Could they have been deemed incompetent solely on the fact that they didn't support Olivis?