Sunday, March 2, 2014

No One Immune to Scams

Scams may be like a terrorist attack or police raid; the secret is in surprise. Someone calls to say your grandson is in jail, and you don't think rationally for a few seconds...or minutes...or maybe even hours. By the time you begin to say "wait a minute," your money is already in Nigeria or Frog Pond or wherever.

It seems someone is attempting to pull a scam on one of the editors at Pen N Sword, a retired detective no less. Ah, the game is afoot:

What's really surprising about this? Neither the U.S. Postal Service nor the Muscle Shoals Police is willing to pursue the would-be scammer(s) legally. Since many of these con artists reside half way around the world, the local authorities may just realize how futile most cases are to investigate, much less prosecute.


Congratulations to Adruitha Lee on her Oscar win. Anyone out there remember when she used to cruise around Florence with the vanity tag "EEE-EX?" Living well is indeed the best revenge.


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