Monday, March 10, 2014

Two Local Sexual Predators?

First, we at Shoalanda wish to apologize for dropping the ball on part of this story. One of these accounts is several weeks old--we simply left it on a back burner and forgot about it. The second tale is new to us.

Some weeks ago, a white man, approaching middle age or so, possibly bearded, was frequenting a local Walmart. He would ask females for a ride, stating it was an emergency. If a man or married couple asked if they could help, he would turn away.

Obviously, it's possible this man was just misguided in some feeble attempts to find a girlfriend; it's also possible his motives were not for any long term relationship, but a violent encounter. This man may now be long gone from the area, but he may not.

We urge everyone...male, female, or anyone in between...not to assume this is a harmless situation. Be vigilant and don't hesitate to call the police.


Our second tale of a possible predatory male is relatively new and going on as of Sunday. A young man (we know his name, but since he is not currently in the legal system, we will not state it) has been seen at several commercial establishments in the Eastern part of Lauderdale County, particularly the Elgin area.

He may be with male friends and he is on the prowl. He has been attempting to meet/date several young women whom he has encountered. While he may be searching for a soul mate, he has been involved in several violent incidents involving women in his past.

Bottom line: If you're not introduced to anyone via a close friend, just say, "No way, Jose'." We don't want to be writing about you in this blog as a victim of a sex assault.


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