Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Is Ed Henry a Murderer? Is Ed Henry Even Sane?

This blog is not about abortion, per se. It is about an elected official who seems just a little mixed up. Two years ago, Ed Henry from Hartselle called himself a murderer because he helped a former girlfriend obtain an abortion. He stated at the time that he was morally wrong and regretted his actions.

Whether anyone thinks what Republican Rep. Ed Henry did was morally right or wrong, isn't Ed just a little mixed up here? At the time of Henry's confession of murder two years ago, some asked why the good lawmaker didn't attempt to turn himself in for his crimes.

Good question, but we feel ours is even better. At the time of his declaration of murder, Henry said he cautioned his own children not to commit the sin of abortion as he had done. Wouldn't it just have been simpler for Henry to have cautioned his children, and everyone else's, not to engage in sex outside of marriage to begin with? No sex means no pregnancy, and no pregnancy means no abortion. Simple, isn't it? Or does Henry consider this something less of a sin?

Somehow our perception of Republicans had always included just a hint of better education than the Dems; that rapidly changed when the Republicans came to power in Alabama.


During the current session, our state House of Representatives has passed not one, not two, not three, but four bills that restrict abortion in some manner. Just a thought here, but couldn't these politicians have gotten together and combined much of this legislation for simplicity? Or is their game plan simply to wear down the opposition with numbers?


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