Monday, March 31, 2014

Some Profound Comments...


The split was PAWS 25% and HASRA 75%. PAWS to use their portion on spay and neuter, HASRA to use the money to benefit the animals

PAWS alleges that HASRA wanted to use the money for their own shelter, but the fact is the event took place in December, long before Debbie was banned.

It wasn't until January 10th that they banned her, and not until February that it was decided to try and raise money for a "sanctuary".

The words from PAWS reps was that "they were not sure HASRA would use the money to benefit the animals considering the ban of Debbie.

HASRA is an open book, we hide nothing.

On Hospice Wars:

You may feel if a hospice closes the creditors are the real losers, but what about the employees?

On Evelyn Servin: 

You can bet the FBI has a thick file on Mrs. Servin. Watch for her to join her husband soon.

On Political Endorsements: 

Do you offer paid endorsements?


We have to comment on the last one. No. We do not offer paid endorsements. We do accept political advertising, but we will never endorse any candidate in order to obtain advertising money. Our friends at Pen N Sword also accept advertising, but not only do they not endorse for money, they make no endorsements at all.

Endorse for money? People actually do that?



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  2. I'd like to elaborate on a comment I made, then deleted in order to clarify my statements. While living in Florence, I donated to and then eventually volunteered for HASRA as a foster and occasional helper. I use this username all over the internet, and I'm not hard to find. I moved from Florence three months ago, so I have no stake in the animal rescue drama that has been occurring lately. What I do have is firsthand knowledge that HASRA is out to help as many animals as they can, as well as firsthand experience that members of PAWS have engaged in practices that are both deceptive and puzzling.

    My issues with PAWS are many, and include (but are in no way limited to):

    - completely ignoring me not once but twice while attempting to adopt pets from them;

    - another round of radio silence after I called them several times to ask for advice about a set of puppy mill dogs that were abandoned in my neighborhood

    - getting hold of HASRA's foster list and sending messages to HASRA fosters asking them if they had "room for just one more dog... the shelter is full and (the dog) might get put down at the shelter!" What they completely failed to mention was that 1) they were PAWS long-term fosters, not HASRA dogs and 2) had never BEEN at the Florence shelter in some - but not all - situations and 3) had often been taken from places out of town or in other states. This happened to me on more than one occasion. In fact, this got so widespread at one point that HASRA twice had to post a list of names of people who were actually allowed to ask people to foster a dog for the organization.

    - a PAWS member telling me that Debbie Rappuhn, Robin Goforth, and other HASRA members were too busy to answer questions about fosters and didn't want to be bothered with anything except the actual sending-to-rescue part of fostering, and that ALL questions I had should be filtered through her. I still can't figure out what the point of that was. When I got my bearings and figured out who I was actually supposed to talk to about things, this person was never mentioned. Dun dun dun.

    - I witnessed another PAWS member telling people that we would never know how many animals HASRA was "REALLY allowing to be killed" at the shelter... I can't even comment, that made zero sense.

    - the most nauseating story that I saw unfold with my own eyes aka the Make a Wish donation. This kid had the good heartedness to want her wish to help animals, and then here comes PAWS completely misrepresenting themselves in order to get that money. I'm not against people seeing an opportunity and taking it, but only when it doesn't involve stepping on other organizations and pretending to be something you're not in order to get there.

    And these are just things I actually experienced or saw happen myself. This is to say nothing of stories I have heard from others, which aren't mine to share in detail. HASRA is full of people who genuinely want to help animals. Can PAWS really say the same when their practices are so questionable?

  3. If you have valid issues, use your real name.