Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Plausible Deniability"

Since we published Billy Underwood's statement concerning Jeff Eddie's quick plea in a child sex abuse case, many have questioned and some have misunderstood the term "plausible deniability." Rest assured, Mr. Underwood was not trying to obtain this deniability for his client.

No, the point of avoiding a trial(s) was to excuse the victims from reliving this nightmare. In other words, ten years from now, if someone asks one of Eddie's young male charges if he wasn't somewhat close to the former Baptist minister, he will be able to say that while he knew him, it wasn't well and he was never harmed.

Would it be that easy to deny if this same young man was seen entering the courthouse during Eddie's trial? Or even seen entering any entity where young victims are questioned and videoed? Not quite.

Yes, Billy Underwood did assure that Eddie, if he lives a normal lifespan, will see freedom at some point. When free, he will still be a registered sex offender and the object of points, whispers, and general ridicule.

Mr. Underwood did the Shoals area a favor by helping to settle this matter quickly. Thank you, Mr. Underwood.


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