Sunday, March 9, 2014

An Anonymous Letter Concerning a Sexual Molester

We received this letter ostensibly from a concerned wife/mother. We are censoring any information that could identify the alleged sexual offender. We are not alleging any of this to be true or not. If it is true, this is a horrible situation. We hope every family keeps their children safe.

The Letter:
I've debated about contacting someone regarding this, simply for the fact that I was hoping and praying that the justice system and DHR would actually do their job. However, it has been a month this Friday since the incident happened and DHR has not had any contact with me nor has interviewed the other 4 kids in my home.

I am praying that someone can get to the bottom of why this has been just brushed under the rug and they sheriffs department has waited to arrest him until the case was reviewed by the grand jury this week. By the way, he is still free.

On Feb 14, my 4 year old daughter came to me and told me her father had put his hands down her panties and was rubbing on her that morning. I immediately went and confronted him, to which he denied it went on. I walked away and thought about what I was told and then went back to him about 15 minutes later and told him that a child doesn't make stuff like this up. They make up stories about monsters under their bed and whatnot, but not things like this. He then said "Fine! Fine!  I did it now can we just forget about it?"

I lost it. All I could do is scream, cry hysterically, and say "Oh my God"

Within an hour I was at Keller having my daughter checked while their grandparents watched the kids. 

A county cop and a DHR worker came to the hospital to make the reports. After finding out that no penetration happened, the DHR worker said she would need to see my kids that night and also my husband. She left and we met at his parents house where she could see everyone. My husband told her and the cop that came out with her that he did it and he didn't know why he did it.

She told me that since it was late, she would just wait to see the kids in a few days. She did advise me to keep everyone away from him (like I would let them hang out or something) and to not ask any questions to the kids. I was to let DHR handle finding out if it was done to my other 3 girls or my son.

Well, it will be a month on Friday that I spoke with DHR last.

Imagine how a parent feels knowing that there may be more to this and that the other kids may have been abused. My daughter that this happened to has completely regressed back to wetting herself constantly. No counseling has been established. Nothing.

I did find out the investigator went to the hospital where my husband was (he went into the mental health part at ECM right after this) and got a signed confession. He admitted everything!

Yet, he has walked free for almost a month.

He worked as the security guard at XXXXX (an enterprise where children are present) a few weeks ago.

He does yard work for people that has kids.

Yet, he has admitted to not only touching his own 4 year old daughter in a sexual manner .. and getting off on it .. but he rubbed his "wee-wee", as she calls it, on her leg. She has showed the spot as if she is showing where she has a sticker at. 

When I asked why he hasn't been arrested and charged yet, given that he has admitted it all, the investigator said that the DA felt we would skip that step and just take it to grand jury. Grand jury is this week and he will get yet another week to walk free. That is, if they actually got the case to them this session.

And if justice does come down and he is charged with Sexual Abuse of a Minor Under the Age of 12 (as the police report lists), I'm sure the media will pick it up. We all know how that story goes... "and Colbert County DHR is assisting the victims."  Just know that it will be a straight out lie because not contacting the family for a month is not helping. Ignoring the countless phone calls and voicemails is not helping. And refusing to do a forensic interview on a child that abuse was admitted on to find out the extent of it is not helping.

I'm frustrated, angry, saddened, and just overwhelmed with the lack of answers. I know I will never get the answer to my question of "Why?" but I would hope that someone, somewhere would help DHR and the sheriffs department see that this type of crime against a child is not okay.

Thank you,

A concerned mother
We will update this if and when we receive more information.


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