Saturday, March 29, 2014

Medical Wars Rage On...

Ambulance Wars: An attorney for Shoals Ambulance CEO Bryan Gibson sent us a press release recently that stated in part: Despite the efforts of Gibson and his team, FirstMed was forced to file for bankruptcy protection at the end of 2013. No FirstMed assets were retained by Gibson or his companies.

Then came the reader comment: I must need glasses because I would swear that he had several FirstMed trucks sitting in Florence.

The truth? It may lie somewhere in between, but it looks like someone or some entity is really out to get Mr. Gibson. Is Keller behind the local assault or does it originate from others who feel used and abused for whatever logical or illogical reasons?

Hospice Wars: A downtown Florence hospice recently lost its longtime headquarters to a bank repossession. We’ve seen a photo of their new and much less elaborate digs. If our banker friend is correct, no cost cutting measure can save the business from bankruptcy at this point. Our sympathies lie with the company’s creditors who will be the real losers in this situation.

Hospital Wars: In three weeks, Helen Keller Hospital will have its appeal hearing...unless they find a way to postpone it again. Then the judge will consider the rebuttals from both sides. Our legal source says RegionalCare will again come out the winner. The main question may then be: Will Keller find another way to derail progress for the citizens of Lauderdale County?

Stay tuned for updates...



  1. Ambulance Wars......I have no ties to Keller or Shoals. I do know what I saw on the side of the many trucks that did sit behind the station on DrHicks. I really think Lauderdale County has had enough and we will not be seeing those pretty blue and white trucks much longer.

  2. The contract renewal for shoals ambulance is tomorrow night. Will this be the beginning of the end?