Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Guest Editorial on Evelyn Servin

I was unfamiliar with Evelyn Servin, and unfortunately your excellent take on her, until I read of her exploits in the “Yellowhammer.” I feel you haven’t gone quite far enough in challenging Ms. Servin. She states her husband has been deported, yet she apparently doesn’t work as most of us do. She’s free to protest during normal working hours. Who is taking care of these fatherless children she’s lamenting?

It’s my understanding the detention center in Ethowah County is leased partially by the federal government. If so, Ms. Servin could and should be charged with a federal crime and deported herself.

She’s taken on the mantle of “Alabama,” but had only six supporters helping her protest. That might not appear to be a serious threat, but for someone who worked in military intelligence during the Cold War, it would seem to be a throw back to old Soviet tactics. Let the little guy take the blame while those who enjoy the damage sit back and wait for the chaos.

At best, she’s using Franklin County tax dollars to support her attempts to overthrow government policy and break the law. Are most in Franklin even aware that this is the case? I checked the Franklin County Times and there’s not been one mention of her. That’s often the best way to handle these types, but unless challenged legally, she’s getting enough attention from other sources that she won’t go away. It’s time to take a stand for our country.


Our guest editorialist asks who supports the Servin children? We’re pretty sure the answer is all the taxpayers of Alabama do so, while their mother gallivants about protesting the laws in a county she lives in illegally...and is proud of it. DHR takes an interest in so many homes, why not this one?


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