Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Round-About? Really?

We've discussed aging buildings and infrastructure before. Here's our previous blog on the need for a new animal shelter:

Now the City of Florence says the 25 year old intersection of Royal Avenue and Huntsville Road is no longer serving its purpose. Some even say it's confusing. Uhhh, wasn't it confusing when it was built then? It doesn't seem to have morphed on its own.

No, the city promised East Florence merchants the disruption the previous construction produced would be more than worth it. Some businesses closed permanently due to the construction. Now we hear this wonderful intersection has been faulty for the last 25 years and a round-about will be the cure-all? Really?

We await...



  1. The intersection has been a challange forever. I do not belive in change unless it is absolutely required. Mt opinion of all this about change is this: IF WE OLD PEOPLE HAVE LIVED WITH IT FOR ALL THESE YEARS;; WHY AREN'T THE PRESENT GENERATION OF PEOPLE SMART ENOUGH TO DO THE SAME? aRE WE OLD PEOPLE DUMB? or is it the other way around; The modern folks can't cope with the things we did? Just an old man's opinion.

  2. If people could read lines on the road and learn to yield,... there would be no problem. I doubt a roundabout will work either.