Thursday, October 31, 2013

Who's Who Tonight?

With the weather outside, the only sensible way to celebrate Halloween this year is inside. Those more formal parties call for more elaborate costumes, and we hear that several have gone all out this year. Here's a few of the major Shoals party goers:

Lauderdale Sheriff Ronnie Willis will try his best to fill out a doughnut costume. He may not be quite tall enough.

Muscle Shoals Mayor David Bradford decided to go with the flow of public opinion and dig his Donatello costume out of moth balls.

Bradford's favorite attorney Billy Underwood will dress true to type and wear a Superman outfit.

HKH's Doug Arnold has gotten over his Grinch envy and will don a Snidely Whiplash ensemble.

The entire Muscle Shoals High coaching staff will go as Nick Saban--they're paid enough to just pull it off.

Colbert County Commission members were seen purchasing white sheets--it's a toss up where they're going with that.

Billy Reid will be going as Herb Tarlek if he can find a white belt and shoes.

Lauderdale County's Mike Jones will be going as an impartial that's a stretch.



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fighting Over the Grinch Costume

What started out as a fun Halloween gathering for North Alabama big wigs turned into a free-for-all earlier today. Apparently not enough communication went into the preparations for this meeting of egos as two invitees fought over who would get to wear the Grinch costume.

Decatur Mayor Don Kyle and Helen Keller Hospital CEO Doug Arnold engaged in a discussion that amounted to more than words as they each laid claim to being the valley's biggest Grinch. For anyone who came in late, Mayor Kyle has recently demanded the Decatur Animal Shelter begin a mass euthanasia of animals in order to bring down its census, while Arnold has fought fang and claw to prevent Lauderdale County from building a new hospital.

So who is the biggest Grinch? We're calling it a tie.


Since it may storm tomorrow:

Regency Square Mall has been holding “Mall-O-Ween” for many years – the majority of stores, along with nonprofit organizations, businesses and the Mall Management have plenty of treats for kids ages 0-12!! We’ll also have a costume contest for ages 0-6 and 7-12 at 6pm. It’s a safe, fun alternative to being outside in inclement weather.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dewey the Dip Dumbs it Down

Lauderdale County Commision Chariman Dewey Mitchell, who wants to dip into the proceeds from the sale of the old Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter to the tune of 50% while not paying 50% of the upkeep, now says it's premature to think about the eventual fate of the old ECM Hospital building.Does he know something we don't know?

He specifically mentioned the Keller Hospital lawsuit seeking to bar any new construction by RegionalCare. Does he think there will be no new hospital?

Perhaps he thinks it's premature to consider uses for the ECM building when it will not be available for three to four years. We have it on pretty good authority that it's always good to plan that far ahead even in private life, much less public.

Or perhaps Dewey is waiting for someone to tell him what to think?


Monday, October 28, 2013

Where is Russellville in All This?

The TimesDaily continues to publish much needed articles about urban blight and renewal--bully for them. So far there have been stories about Florence, Sheffield, Tuscumbia...even Muscle Shoals, but how about Russellville?

Russellville must thank God for Leighton and Town Creek, about the only two local towns we can think of that have more urban decay, and that doesn't refer to the line of makeup, folks. This is hardly surprising from the county seat of Franklin, a town that has yet to establish any animal ordinances with teeth in them, pardon the analogy.

For a law to work, there must be enforcement, and enforcement costs money...or does it? Empower police officers to write citations for overgrown lawns, run down tool sheds, etc. Yes, we know police officers are overworked, but while busting a certain element for production of meth, why not write up the landlords for contributing to the delinquency of crabgrass?


Here's a Halloween quiz for ya: Who can identify this lovely piece of neglect located within the city limits of Florence?

Photo by Ben Tate; Decay by a Greedy Owner


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Andy Lopez: A Lesson for Some in Red Bay

Last week, police in the San Francisco area were called about a man standing in a vacant lot holding an assault rifle. From the time police arrived until they fired the shots that killed Andy Lopez, only ten seconds had elapsed. The problem many have with the police response is that the gun was an "airsoft" type weapon with the orange tip removed or painted over...and Lopez was only 13.

There's an investigation ongoing, but the salient fact is that it's never a good idea to take a modified airsoft weapon out in public, much less fail to drop it when police tell you to. How prevalent is this kind of thing?

Here's a photo of Elijah Graham, presumably still under indictment for drug crimes:

Elijah also played a large part in the murder of David Andrasik; however, he was never indicted for that crime. A source in Red Bay tells us that Elijah is on the radar of local police...along with his father Hershel who is out of jail/prison awaiting results of an appeal for his manslaughter conviction.

Elijah, 17 or 18 when this photo was taken, has claimed the weapon is an airsoft with the tip illegally modified. He obviously likes to live dangerously.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Definition of "Forked Tongue?" Rebecca Narmore and the Colbert E-911 Board

Many individuals contradict themselves quite regularly...but not in the same newspaper article. If you've just tuned in, the City of Muscle Shoals wants Shoals Ambulance Service to be its primary 911 responder (or the most qualified service), while Colbert County has said...well, what haven't they said? You certainly can't tell the players or their respective opinions of the day without a program.

The latest edict from the Colbert E-911 Board states that only one ambulance provider may respond to 911 calls in the county with the blessings of the 911 Board. On October 26th, the TimesDaily published:

1. Narmore said there is no reason for another service to answer 911 calls in Colbert County.

2. Cherokee Rescue, however, continues to answer 911 calls on the west end of the county. “Keller can’t be everywhere,” Narmore said.

Assuming the TD has correctly quoted the board's attorney Rebecca Narmore, any citizen of Colbert County and especially Muscle Shoals, needs to question why the board doesn't have better legal representation and opinions. Perhaps Narmore has become mentally deficient due to all that time she worked for the Town of Cherokee?


Now, let's look at another revelation from that same TD article:

Helen Keller Hospital receives funding through the county beer tax. Narmore said that money was used to help the hospital establish the ambulance service, but the way the law is written, the funding is to be directed to the hospital. It does not specifically state the funding should be used for ambulance service.

Assuming this statement is correct, just remember that each time anyone purchases a beer in Colbert County, he or she may be funding a toilet paper upgrade for the HKH staff restrooms. Anyone residing in Colbert County and voting, should contact the commission and demand a clarification to that law.


Friday, October 25, 2013

A Tale of Two Rapes

Both alleged crimes are rape, yet they could hardly be more dissimilar. The attack in Colbert Square was planned, yet random. The victim reported the crime to police in a matter of minutes after she was free. There were witnesses (two women in two other apartments who were first approached).

Now we need someone to come forward who knows the miscreant. Whether from Sheffield or the Shoals or not, he had been in the area long enough to be familiar with Colbert Square and the York Terrace area in general. Call the Sheffield Police if you know anything. This crime may have been some kind of initiation, but it could also have been the beginning of a series of attacks on women. We don't know and we don't want to find out the hard way.

The second rape? It's just been reported:

The alleged victim took seven weeks to report the crime. She knew her attacker and he apparently committed no other crime during the rape (nothing was stolen). Why did she wait?

The young woman may have been traumatized or had to be encouraged by her friends to say something officially. After seven weeks, it's also possible that the woman has visited medical personnel and discovered her attacker left her with physical problems. It's also possible the woman has learned her rapist has attempted the same with other co-eds and doesn't want him free to hurt others.

No matter the young woman's reason for waiting, we can't deny it will be much harder to prosecute this crime...or even to indict. It's a horrible thing, but if you're raped, report it immediately. Ask for (demand) assistance from Rape Response or similar group, and if you're able, hire a private attorney to represent you.

Good luck to anyone going through such an ordeal. Let us know if we can help. We will at least try.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's Really Going on in Alabama Courts?

The Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA) is working to preserve, promote, and protect family relationships. In our efforts to reform Alabama Family Law and Practices, we are aware of the daily operations of the Family and Domestic Relations Courts throughout the sixty-seven counties.

After observing the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (AJIC) trial involving charges against Judge Dorothea Batiste, my question is: Why is this particular judge being singled out? This goes on every day in almost all Alabama courtrooms.  For example, a Chilton County Judge ordered a mother of two held on an unlawful contempt charge for nearly six months, yet nothing has been done. Also, after almost a decade of complaints and seventy-four charges against Montgomery County Judge Patricia Warner, the ACOJ allowed her to walk away in 2011 with all of her orders and cases which involved children in abusive situations to remain in place. There have been several cases in the Limestone area where a judge has held individuals in contempt without giving the accused a means to purge themselves.  A Shelby County judge and a recently retired judge from Jefferson County have both charged litigants with contempt while disregarding their due process rights as guaranteed by both the United States and Alabama constitutions.  And all of these complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

Judge Batiste’s attorney, Julian McPhillips, said in his opening statement that Judge Childers has held numerous individuals in contempt for similar reasons that were used as complaints against Judge Batiste and actually kept people in jail for longer periods of time. Again, the question I present is: Why is it this particular judge is being singled out? All judges that violate due process must be held accountable and by the same standards. What are the standards? ALFRA is aware that the sixty-seven counties have different and localized standards regarding standard visitation for custody arrangements, but do we now have individualized and localized standards regarding judges within individual counties? It is important to note that pursuant to the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedures XI. General provisions Rule 83 “all local rules are abolished effective April 14, 1992, and no local rules shall thereafter be permitted”. There are judges using contempt charges as weapons throughout the sixty-seven counties in Alabama.

Is there an accountability mechanism in place to protect and safeguard all citizens that applies to all judges? In my opinion, creating a standard that selectively holds certain members of the judiciary accountable only serves to further question the integrity of Alabama's justice system and appears to demonstrate judges are more interested in protecting each other than protecting the citizens, especially the children of Alabama.
Victims that have been deprived of their due process are encouraged to file a complaint with the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (AJIC). 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pay in $1.00, Get $1.66 Back?

The TimesDaily has scolded Mo Brooks and other U.S. representatives from northwest Alabama for not voting to end the recent government shutdown. While we do agree with the TotallyDecatur on this point, we have to question their rationale concerning the $1.66 every Alabama citizen gets back for every $1.00 they pay in taxes.

This figure is an average. You know what an average is--you take the number of citizens statewide to determine that average. You might get back only .66 while your next door neighbor would get back $2.66. Just what do we get back in the Shoals?

Several U.S. highways run through the Shoals, but we don't have an interstate highway as Huntsville does. How about military? The Shoals has state groups subsidized by the federal government while Huntsville has the arsenal--not quite a match there, is it?

No, citizens in larger cities may get much more than that $1.66 the TD tells us is ours. We may get much less...and do.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another Night, Another Armed Robbery

It seems to happen around midnight or a little later. A hooded, masked man enters a mini-mart or fast food joint with a gun and demands money. Some of these recent crimes in our area have been solved; others haven't. How many are related? We're guessing most of them. We're also guessing the police have several leads. We hope it's just a short wait until the authorities cross every "t" and dot every "i" in order to make some arrests.


Just how daring are these armed robbers? Several years ago a miscreant in Tuscumbia robbed the gas station directly across from the police department/city jail. He either really needed the money or wasn't too smart.


While speaking of masked men...have you seen the clown roaming around the front of Chili's on Cox Creek Parkway? Well, it is a Halloween promotion...


Monday, October 21, 2013

The Rape at Colbert Square Apartments

Last Tuesday night a man visited the Colbert Square Apartments, a complex adjacent to Sheffield Junior High School, a complex that residents had reported on to the Sheffield City Council as far back as 2009. He knocked on three doors before he found a resident who opened the door to him. All three apartments belonged to women.

Colbert Square Directly Across from Sheffield Baseball Field

At the third apartment, the man asked for Debbie. When told there was no Debbie there, the African American, said to be in his mid to late twenties, forced his way into the apartment and raped the 54 year-old tenant. The victim managed to strike the intruder with a heavy ashtray, leaving a large gash on his forehead.

As the rapist left the modest apartment where units rent from $250.00 to $285.00 a month (in red), he took his victim's cell phone and vehicle. Just six blocks away at the intersection of York Terrace and Almon Street (in blue), the intruder abandoned the Ford Taurus and presumably made his way from there on foot.

Now six days later, the rapist is still at large. Any crime of this nature is troubling, but this particular crime is doubly so. 

1. The intruder had obviously scoped out the complex and knew which units were inhabited by single women.

2. Money was not the object of the crime, and no items taken were retained by the rapist.

3. This crime comes on the heels of a violent attack on a Sheffield man that was said to be a type of gang activity, perhaps an initiation of sorts.

Sheffield police need everyone's help in solving this heinous crime. If you have any information, call 256 383-1771.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Serving the Shoals for Five Years!

Yes, it's been five years, and we're extremely happy to still be here. Thanks to all our readers who've made it possible!

Everyone at Shoalanda Speaks

Saturday, October 19, 2013

No, He Doesn't Get to Go to Gran's Either...

Yesterday we blogged about Jason Green, currently under indictment in Franklin County for Felony Murder and First Degree Theft (as they say in the old T.V. shows "Grand Theft Auto"). Green is supposedly wearing an ankle monitor; he is allowed to go to work, church, medical appointments, and grocery shopping--that's it--nothing more.

We posted a pic of Green at a party; the picture was cropped and did not identify anyone else. Blogging is a great deal like the tale of the father, son, and donkey--whatever you do or say displeases someone. Some readers thought the photo and text were misleading. We're not sure in what way, but here's the uncropped photo:

Jason Green at his grandmother's 91st birthday party (illegally)
No, whether Hugh asks him to the mansion or Gran asks him to her birthday party, Green is not allowed to go. His alleged victim Shay Ledlow is not attending any parties, now is she? How about the owners of those stolen cars found at his business? No parties for them either; they're busy working to make up the money they lost to Green and his father.

And Green's gran? Wonder if she's proud of him? She could be; now we're thinking of the old saw about acorns...


Friday, October 18, 2013

Death by Cooling Tower?/Jason Green Update

If you're like us, when you hear the words "cooling tower," you think Brown's Ferry. It was a surprise today to learn that Regency Square Mall has a cooling tower. From Wiki:

An HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) cooling tower is used to dispose of ("reject") unwanted heat from a chiller. Water-cooled chillers are normally more energy efficient than air-cooled chillers due to heat rejection to tower water at or near wet-bulb temperatures. Air-cooled chillers must reject heat at the higher dry-bulb temperature, and thus have a lower average reverse-Carnot cycle effectiveness. Large office buildings, hospitals, and schools typically use one or more cooling towers as part of their air conditioning systems.

Now it seems the cooling tower at the mall may (or may not) have been to blame for a recent outbreak of Legionella, commonly called Legionnaires' Disease. Article


Jason Green Pictured with Companion at Recent Party

Remember Jason Green, currently under indictment for the murder of his girlfriend Shay Ledlow? As with Amanda Watkins, there are many rumors that Green, who is legally mandated to wear an ankle monitor, has been roaming the roads of Russellville.

Has he? There are many ways to get around restrictions on travel. We had to go around a train. There was a long detour. We couldn't find our medicine in Franklin County, so we had to go to Colbert. The list can go on.

For those who are concerned...and they should be...just remember, Green will eventually be tried for the heinous crime he's accused of. These extra months of freedom may be extremely troubling to Shay's family, but Green has to know they are numbered. Let's all pray for quick justice.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brandon Shane Mundy Gets Five Years

Brandon Shane Mundy, a former police officer with Town Creek, North Courtland, Summerville, and other cities, has been sentenced in Federal Court to serve five years for violating the civil rights of a man he arrested in 2009.

The 32 year-old Mundy will also serve three years on probation following his release and pay under 4K in fines. Mundy was convicted earlier this year on misdemeanor charges related to the deaths of two individuals involved in an accident with the cop.

Related Posts...


Sources in Sheffield say a reported rape came just a short time after a citizen's violent beating by a "known gang member." We'll have more as Sheffield police develop the two cases.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keith Violated a "Non-Complete" Clause?

Yep, poaching eggs may be fun, but physicians? Is ECM/RegionalCare poaching docs from Helen Keller Hospital? That's what Keller claims in a lawsuit.

It seems Dr. Stephen Keith didn't give a 90 day notice after his contract ended with Keller. The Sheffield hospital states the contract automatically renewed after two years and required a notice to end the relationship.

Then there was that nasty "non-complete" clause the TD's Jennifer Edwards referred to. Did she really mean non-complete or is she just not legally savvy? Oh, well, let's just say the good OB/GYN was non-complete in finishing the contract and then violated a non-compete agreement when he went to ECM.

Think he knows anything about deliverin' dem babies?


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Habla Whut?

I called a small town office yesterday. I got two messages. One was in Spanish. The one in Spanish was longer than the one in English. Why? Was this business that desperate for money?

I was in Walmart. I heard a message over the public address system. I heard it, but didn't understand it. I asked the clerk when I checked out what it was all about. She said it was a message for an automotive customer who had requested a reminder in Spanish. Now that's some catering. I wonder if I could get the tire center to announce in German since I have ancestors from Germany. I'm not holding my breath.

Anybody on Twitter? I got a message a few weeks ago that Twitter had reset my password. I rarely Tweet, but someone had tried to access my account. Why? I have about 16 followers and they're just there because they were looking to get a reciprocal following from me. It's not like it's PayPal or involves any money. So what would I Tweet if I could hack anyone's account?

From Gov. Robert Bentley: In honor of my hernia surgery, EBT cards are all cancelled until next year.

From Sheriff Ronnie Willis: All Lauderdale County sex offenders are to report immediately to ECM for surgical castration.

From  Blogger Shoalanda Speaks: I'm giving Bailey Quarters a raise.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Sex Offender Castration Bill

State Rep. Steve Hurst has an interesting bill he plans to present in the next legislative session. Hurst's bill would require any sex offender over the age of 21 whose victim was under 12 to be surgically castrated before he could leave prison. Will it pass?

We're predicting it won't, but if it did, would it lower the chances of the deviant reoffending? Perhaps in some cases, but a sexual predator doesn't have to be intact in order to prey on his victims. It will be interesting to see just how far Hurst's bill gets.


Yesterday we blogged about an ethics complaint against Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Mike Jones. We understand that a similar complaint may soon be filed against Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Billy Jackson. Hmmm, maybe Jimmy Sandlin is lucky he lost the last election.


Halloween is just around the corner. Anyone going as an "Angel?" Probably not; all the ones we know have such tarnished halos.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ethics Complaint Brought Against Judge Mike Jones

Kenneth Paschal, Director of Government Affairs for ALFRA, has brought an ethics complaint against Lauderdale County Circuit Court Judge Mike Jones. The suit has been filed on behalf of the minor child of Mark Davis.

How many ethics complaints against judges are filed each year in Alabama? Since 2000, the yearly average is 156. Obviously these complaints are not a great rarity, but neither are they an every day occurrence in each of Alabama's 67 counties.

Just what does this ethics complaint say? The complaint itemizes five charges against Jones; however, our opinion is the accusation that the good judge allowed personal malice against Mark Davis to affect his ruling(s) is one of the complaint's strongest points.

The judicial inquiry committee has informed Mr. Paschal that it may be at least eight weeks before any action is taken on the complaint. We're waiting, and the citizens of Alabama are watching.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Annali Vasquez--Not the Mother of the Year

Annali Vasquez
It's Saturday night, do you know where your microwave is? Yes, your microwave. It's probably in your kitchen, right; but just how high up is it? Could a short three year old reach it? We're guessing the answer is no. That doesn't mean all microwaves are placed at such heights, but we bet most are.

So we're to believe a three year-old girl, a short Hispanic Indian three year-old, reached up and opened the microwave door, then reached in and extracted a bowl of boiling soup. Maybe she did...but maybe she didn't.

We've also read an article that seemed to state the girl couldn't have received that kind of burn if she had been standing up. If that's true, was she being held down? There's more holes to this story than are in Mothra's closet.

Now we have the loving mother, Annali Vasquez, an illegal alien, attempting to escape, attacking a Russellville police officer as she did so. This woman can't take proper care of her eyebrows, much less a child. Please, someone...anyone...take this wonderful mother and father to the Mexican border and leave them.


Have you thought about yesterday's puzzle? Yes, it's related to immigration, so today's revelation that the Vasquez couple are in the country illegally fits right in. And the two groups of children?

The healthy, happy children are on the north side of the U.S. border, while the poverty-stricken youngsters are on the south side. Ahh, you say, well that's it. Remember, these two groups of children are only two miles apart. Can you say one group deserves the basics while the second doesn't?

No, just living in the U.S. does not make one group more entitled than the other. It's not the residency, but the citizenship that should bring entitlement. Our federal government is partially shut down. We have to take care of our own citizens and place them first. There can be no exceptions.

As long as the State of Alabama is giving WIC and other programs to illegal aliens, there are lawful citizens of this state who are suffering needlessly. It cannot continue. This is literally a case of those not being a part of the solution being a part of the problem...a large part.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Let's Play: "It's Your Choice"

The apocalypse came...just like in the movies. You've been assigned to take care of ten children for a
year until they can be transplanted into a new, safe world. Because of the effects of the apocalypse, these children need special food for this twelve-month period in order to not just survive, but thrive. Your problem?

You have only 50% of the rations you know the ten children will require. You can feed all ten with half rations, knowing they will live, but forever be stunted physically and mentally...or you can let five die and feed the remaining five a full ration knowing they will become intelligent productive adults in the new world.

Which do you do?

Now that you've played that game, here's a puzzle for you. Fifty children live in Alleria. They go to school, have adequate food, clothing, and medical care. Two miles away, fifty more children live in Mortura. These children have only cardboard shacks for shelter, scraps for food, and don't go to school.

The question: Don't the children in Mortura deserve just as much as the children two miles away in Alleria? Do you think they should have equal blessings in life, and why don't they?


The first game? There are no easy answers, but we trust you'll think about it. The puzzle? We invite your comments for tomorrow.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mark Davis is Free!

Mark Davis was released from the Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center earlier today. Did Judge Mike Jones reconsider his sentence? No, as we understand it, several of Mark's supporters were able to combine funds in order to pay the back child support which the state says Mark owes.

This is not an end, but a beginning. We'll have more on this later, but in the mean time: Congratulations, Mark! Enjoy your freedom.


The Shoals Democratic Club Meeting will be held on Monday, October 21, 2013, 6:00 p.m., at the Operating Engineers Hall, Local 320, Dr. Hicks Blvd. Florence, Alabama.  The keynote speaker for the 6:30 program is Mr. Bradley Davidson, Executive Director of the Alabama Democratic Majority. The public is invited to attend.


Local state representative Lynn Greer has announced he wants a bill passed to "take lies out of" Alabama campaigns. Good. That should make the campaign season about two hours long...


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Word About Mark Davis & Alabama Justice

A letter about Mark Davis:
I am a close friend of Mark Davis. I want to thank you for your patience and understanding and becoming a friend with Mark Davis. He is a good man, a good father, a good citizen, a good professional photographer, a law-abiding citizen, taxpayer, voter, and positive contributor to our community.

I want to share with you a few thoughts in hope that it provides you with additional perspective of what many fit parents and innocent children are being subjected to by the Alabama legislators, lawyers, judges (who are ALWAYS lawyers by trade), DHR, AOC, and the opposing misguided parent of their child(ren).

I attended the court hearing at which Mark was given to what amounts a life sentence in jail.

There were several of us present who care about Mark and his daughter.

We each have endured and continue to endure the abusive acts by Alabama judges, lawyers, DHR, AOC, and the other misguided parent(s) of our children.

Here is a snapshot of the people who were there to support, care for, and love Mark:

Supporter A: U.S. Navy veteran who proudly served to risk his life and limb to protect you and your family; career as an Airline Pilot who you trust to fly your family safely around the USA; father of two girls; law abiding citizen; taxpayer; voter; born and raised in America; legal resident of Alabama – not an illegal immigrant (I inject that because of the immigration issue receiving plenty of media coverage while the fact that our children go abused by the Alabama judges, lawyers, DHR, AOC, and misguided parents is continually ignored); 

Supporter B: Retired with over 20 years from U.S. Army U.S. Navy veteran, volunteered to die for your family, who proudly served to protect you and your family; currently working for free as a Family Rights Advocate with the non-profit family rights organization Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA); father of one girl; law abiding citizen; taxpayer; voter; born and raised in America; legal resident of Alabama – not an illegal immigrant(I inject that because of the immigration issue receiving plenty of media coverage while the fact that our children go abused by the Alabama judges, lawyers, DHR, AOC, and misguided parents is continually ignored);

Supporter C: Career as an HVAC repair person; father of one son attending Auburn University; blue-collar, hard-working, law-abiding citizen; taxpayer; voter; born and raised in America; legal resident of Alabama – not an illegal immigrant (I inject that because of the immigration issue receiving plenty of media coverage while the fact that our children go abused by the Alabama judges, lawyers, DHR, AOC, and misguided parents is continually ignored); 

Supporter D: decades in a career as a professional optometrist; owns his own business/practice; father of 3 children; law abiding citizen; taxpayer; voter; born and raised in America; legal resident of Alabama – not an illegal immigrant (I inject that because of the immigration issue receiving plenty of media coverage while the fact that our children go abused by the Alabama judges, lawyers, DHR, AOC, and misguided parents is continually ignored); 

Supporter F: for many years a professional business owner and operator of a machine shop; father of one girl; blue-collar, hard-working, law abiding citizen; taxpayer; voter; born and raised in America; legal resident of Alabama – not an illegal immigrant (I inject that because of the immigration issue receiving plenty of media coverage while the fact that our children go abused by the Alabama judges, lawyers, DHR, AOC, and misguided parents is continually ignored)

Supporter G: U.S. Navy veteran served to protect you and your family at the cost of his life and limb; career as a professional Firefighter and EMT who you trust to provide life-saving services for you and your family and risks his life for you and your family; father of one son; law abiding citizen; taxpayer; voter; born and raised in Alabama; legal resident of Alabama – not an illegal immigrant (I inject that because of the immigration issue receiving plenty of media coverage while the fact that our children go abused by the Alabama judges, lawyers, DHR, AOC, and misguided parents is continually ignored);

No criminals. No thugs. No deadbeats. No threats. None.

What do every one of these individuals have in common? Our children and us have been abused, violated, persecuted, punished and nearly, I say nearly because we have not given up, destroyed by the laws of this State, the abuse by the Alabama judges, lawyers, AOC, DHR, legislators and misguided parents who seek to deny our children the God-ordained fundamental right to BOTH parents.

We are not thugs. We are not law-breakers. We are not threats to society. We are not violators. We are not abusers. We are not criminals. We are not burdens upon the taxpayers. We are not THE problem.

What else do we have in common? We have merely asked to do that which society constantly harps about: To be equally responsible, to be equally allowed, to raise our children AND for our children’s fundamental rights to BOTH parents be equally protected for the betterment of not only us and our child, but for the greater good of the community around us.

And in asking such a humane request, our children and we have been punished.

Here is the irony that is very difficult to think about and sort out and get through:

The day of Mark being given to what amounts a life sentence by Judge Jones, just before Mark’s hearing, a young white male appeared before Judge Jones, charged with drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, plead guilty, was sentenced to prison for 24 months on one charge and 12 months on the other charge by Judge Jones, fined ridiculous amounts of money to be paid to various “victim” groups, fined various amounts of money to be paid to the court and lawyers, and then….wait…..wait…….wait….Judge Jones suspended his sentence and ordered him free on probation and he was allowed to leave a “free” man. While still under the control of the legal system via parole office, the man was free – not incarcerated for life or for any amount of time.

What crime has Mark Davis committed that has harmed or threatened anyone in society?

Mark took care of himself and his daughter. Mark was no burden on the taxpayer in any shape or form. Nor has his daughter ever needed or been given any State taxpayer support via welfare of any kind.

Now, Mark is being taken care of by the taxpayers and his daughter goes without her father. The facts reveal that this child is now greatly at risk for harm to herself or others due to not having her father in her life.

I believe Mark is to be incarcerated for a very long time because he can’t do what Judge Jones has ordered him to do. This is inhumane. But we know this is Alabama justice at its finest.

This entire issue is not about law, case law, court opinions, child support $$$$, etc…This entire issue is about children needing BOTH parents. For over 40 years, we as an American society have not only accepted, but supported, the systematic removal of one fit parent from the life of the child, usually dad in over 90% of the child custody rulings (out of respect for the importance of mothers, this is also happening to them in a smaller but no less important percentages). Yet, then society complains of the fallout when the child is denied, robbed, stolen, ripped from one parent, half of who they are, half of their identity, half of an entire network of extended family to love, support and guide them through what is a really tough world. We would no more support poking out one of a child’s good eyes or chop off one of their legs yet we support the child being ripped from one of their loving parents. End result: lost generations of current children and past children who are now dysfunctional adults. This is man- made. It can be changed for the better if the people want it to be changed.

In my wildest imagination I never thought that asking to be equally responsible for the rearing of our children would result in such harsh and inhumane treatment of not only us fit parents but result in the abuse and punishment of our children. This is living daily horror that we and our kids do our best to survive. This is standard pattern and practice by Alabama judges, lawyers, DHR, AOC, legislators and many misguided parents.

I hope you read my letter and I thank you for your time. I did not write this to be public consumption. I wrote this to you for you to have more insight as to how we and our kids are being treated. However, I respect your expertise on what you do with it as you see fit that will help Mark and his daughter and many other fit parents and children.


The above letter has been edited to delete actual names. We have discussed the publication of this letter with the writer and have omitted some personal information.


Should children of illegal immigrants receive state funds for WIC, etc., while our children are no longer offered Head Start, etc. Interesting question, isn't it? We'll have more...


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rumors of Amanda Watkins' Freedom Continue

Has Colbert County Judge Jackie Hatcher released Amanda Duboise Watkins? As the judge who sentenced Watkins, Hatcher could free Watkins with the stroke of a pen, but why would she?

We've received several e-mails that state Watkins is free and that the freedom was courtesy of Judge Hatcher, but we've seen no news sources which verify this. In fact, the following remains posted by the DOC:

Click to Enlarge

If it should be true, we would speculate a health matter made Watkins a liability for the state; however, it's hard to believe Watkins' freedom could be kept out of the mainstream press. It's also hard to believe she could have been released without the knowledge of the DOC, but stranger things have happened.

To be continued...


We have a correction on our blog concerning Lyndsey Brooke Grindol. Her military service was indeed in Alabama, and not out of state as reported. We'll have a more in depth report later this month.


Monday, October 7, 2013

What's Up With Amanda Watkins?

A reader informed us that Amanda Duboise Watkins had been released from the Franklin County jail where she was serving her prison sentence for Second Degree Rape. Upon checking with our sources, we find that she's still serving her sentence and will not EOS until July 12, 2016.

Was it mistaken identity? We're going to guess that Amanda is a trusty at the jail and allowed out to do errands for the staff. Is this punishment? We're going to say yes. Amanda spends every night behind bars and is separated from her parents and siblings...not to mention the stares we're sure she's subjected to whenever she ventures out.

That's our opinion. What if it isn't yours? If Amanda Watkins, Don Siegelman, or Joe Bleaux from Kokomo is serving a prison sentence in a county jail, any Alabama taxpayer has the right to complain. The Franklin County Jail is under the oversight of the Franklin County Commission. Anyone may write or call the commission/commissioners about any jail policy that may be considered sketchy, profligate, or dubious.


Not up to date on Amanda's story? Read it here: Amanda Duboise