Saturday, October 26, 2013

Definition of "Forked Tongue?" Rebecca Narmore and the Colbert E-911 Board

Many individuals contradict themselves quite regularly...but not in the same newspaper article. If you've just tuned in, the City of Muscle Shoals wants Shoals Ambulance Service to be its primary 911 responder (or the most qualified service), while Colbert County has said...well, what haven't they said? You certainly can't tell the players or their respective opinions of the day without a program.

The latest edict from the Colbert E-911 Board states that only one ambulance provider may respond to 911 calls in the county with the blessings of the 911 Board. On October 26th, the TimesDaily published:

1. Narmore said there is no reason for another service to answer 911 calls in Colbert County.

2. Cherokee Rescue, however, continues to answer 911 calls on the west end of the county. “Keller can’t be everywhere,” Narmore said.

Assuming the TD has correctly quoted the board's attorney Rebecca Narmore, any citizen of Colbert County and especially Muscle Shoals, needs to question why the board doesn't have better legal representation and opinions. Perhaps Narmore has become mentally deficient due to all that time she worked for the Town of Cherokee?


Now, let's look at another revelation from that same TD article:

Helen Keller Hospital receives funding through the county beer tax. Narmore said that money was used to help the hospital establish the ambulance service, but the way the law is written, the funding is to be directed to the hospital. It does not specifically state the funding should be used for ambulance service.

Assuming this statement is correct, just remember that each time anyone purchases a beer in Colbert County, he or she may be funding a toilet paper upgrade for the HKH staff restrooms. Anyone residing in Colbert County and voting, should contact the commission and demand a clarification to that law.


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