Monday, October 14, 2013

Sex Offender Castration Bill

State Rep. Steve Hurst has an interesting bill he plans to present in the next legislative session. Hurst's bill would require any sex offender over the age of 21 whose victim was under 12 to be surgically castrated before he could leave prison. Will it pass?

We're predicting it won't, but if it did, would it lower the chances of the deviant reoffending? Perhaps in some cases, but a sexual predator doesn't have to be intact in order to prey on his victims. It will be interesting to see just how far Hurst's bill gets.


Yesterday we blogged about an ethics complaint against Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Mike Jones. We understand that a similar complaint may soon be filed against Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Billy Jackson. Hmmm, maybe Jimmy Sandlin is lucky he lost the last election.


Halloween is just around the corner. Anyone going as an "Angel?" Probably not; all the ones we know have such tarnished halos.


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