Sunday, October 27, 2013

Andy Lopez: A Lesson for Some in Red Bay

Last week, police in the San Francisco area were called about a man standing in a vacant lot holding an assault rifle. From the time police arrived until they fired the shots that killed Andy Lopez, only ten seconds had elapsed. The problem many have with the police response is that the gun was an "airsoft" type weapon with the orange tip removed or painted over...and Lopez was only 13.

There's an investigation ongoing, but the salient fact is that it's never a good idea to take a modified airsoft weapon out in public, much less fail to drop it when police tell you to. How prevalent is this kind of thing?

Here's a photo of Elijah Graham, presumably still under indictment for drug crimes:

Elijah also played a large part in the murder of David Andrasik; however, he was never indicted for that crime. A source in Red Bay tells us that Elijah is on the radar of local police...along with his father Hershel who is out of jail/prison awaiting results of an appeal for his manslaughter conviction.

Elijah, 17 or 18 when this photo was taken, has claimed the weapon is an airsoft with the tip illegally modified. He obviously likes to live dangerously.


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