Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pay in $1.00, Get $1.66 Back?

The TimesDaily has scolded Mo Brooks and other U.S. representatives from northwest Alabama for not voting to end the recent government shutdown. While we do agree with the TotallyDecatur on this point, we have to question their rationale concerning the $1.66 every Alabama citizen gets back for every $1.00 they pay in taxes.

This figure is an average. You know what an average is--you take the number of citizens statewide to determine that average. You might get back only .66 while your next door neighbor would get back $2.66. Just what do we get back in the Shoals?

Several U.S. highways run through the Shoals, but we don't have an interstate highway as Huntsville does. How about military? The Shoals has state groups subsidized by the federal government while Huntsville has the arsenal--not quite a match there, is it?

No, citizens in larger cities may get much more than that $1.66 the TD tells us is ours. We may get much less...and do.


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