Friday, October 11, 2013

Let's Play: "It's Your Choice"

The apocalypse came...just like in the movies. You've been assigned to take care of ten children for a
year until they can be transplanted into a new, safe world. Because of the effects of the apocalypse, these children need special food for this twelve-month period in order to not just survive, but thrive. Your problem?

You have only 50% of the rations you know the ten children will require. You can feed all ten with half rations, knowing they will live, but forever be stunted physically and mentally...or you can let five die and feed the remaining five a full ration knowing they will become intelligent productive adults in the new world.

Which do you do?

Now that you've played that game, here's a puzzle for you. Fifty children live in Alleria. They go to school, have adequate food, clothing, and medical care. Two miles away, fifty more children live in Mortura. These children have only cardboard shacks for shelter, scraps for food, and don't go to school.

The question: Don't the children in Mortura deserve just as much as the children two miles away in Alleria? Do you think they should have equal blessings in life, and why don't they?


The first game? There are no easy answers, but we trust you'll think about it. The puzzle? We invite your comments for tomorrow.


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