Monday, October 7, 2013

What's Up With Amanda Watkins?

A reader informed us that Amanda Duboise Watkins had been released from the Franklin County jail where she was serving her prison sentence for Second Degree Rape. Upon checking with our sources, we find that she's still serving her sentence and will not EOS until July 12, 2016.

Was it mistaken identity? We're going to guess that Amanda is a trusty at the jail and allowed out to do errands for the staff. Is this punishment? We're going to say yes. Amanda spends every night behind bars and is separated from her parents and siblings...not to mention the stares we're sure she's subjected to whenever she ventures out.

That's our opinion. What if it isn't yours? If Amanda Watkins, Don Siegelman, or Joe Bleaux from Kokomo is serving a prison sentence in a county jail, any Alabama taxpayer has the right to complain. The Franklin County Jail is under the oversight of the Franklin County Commission. Anyone may write or call the commission/commissioners about any jail policy that may be considered sketchy, profligate, or dubious.


Not up to date on Amanda's story? Read it here: Amanda Duboise


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