Monday, October 28, 2013

Where is Russellville in All This?

The TimesDaily continues to publish much needed articles about urban blight and renewal--bully for them. So far there have been stories about Florence, Sheffield, Tuscumbia...even Muscle Shoals, but how about Russellville?

Russellville must thank God for Leighton and Town Creek, about the only two local towns we can think of that have more urban decay, and that doesn't refer to the line of makeup, folks. This is hardly surprising from the county seat of Franklin, a town that has yet to establish any animal ordinances with teeth in them, pardon the analogy.

For a law to work, there must be enforcement, and enforcement costs money...or does it? Empower police officers to write citations for overgrown lawns, run down tool sheds, etc. Yes, we know police officers are overworked, but while busting a certain element for production of meth, why not write up the landlords for contributing to the delinquency of crabgrass?


Here's a Halloween quiz for ya: Who can identify this lovely piece of neglect located within the city limits of Florence?

Photo by Ben Tate; Decay by a Greedy Owner


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  1. Oh I know the answer to the quiz,... but I'll shhhh. Sad, sad situation indeed. And with no hope of saving it.