Saturday, October 12, 2013

Annali Vasquez--Not the Mother of the Year

Annali Vasquez
It's Saturday night, do you know where your microwave is? Yes, your microwave. It's probably in your kitchen, right; but just how high up is it? Could a short three year old reach it? We're guessing the answer is no. That doesn't mean all microwaves are placed at such heights, but we bet most are.

So we're to believe a three year-old girl, a short Hispanic Indian three year-old, reached up and opened the microwave door, then reached in and extracted a bowl of boiling soup. Maybe she did...but maybe she didn't.

We've also read an article that seemed to state the girl couldn't have received that kind of burn if she had been standing up. If that's true, was she being held down? There's more holes to this story than are in Mothra's closet.

Now we have the loving mother, Annali Vasquez, an illegal alien, attempting to escape, attacking a Russellville police officer as she did so. This woman can't take proper care of her eyebrows, much less a child. Please, someone...anyone...take this wonderful mother and father to the Mexican border and leave them.


Have you thought about yesterday's puzzle? Yes, it's related to immigration, so today's revelation that the Vasquez couple are in the country illegally fits right in. And the two groups of children?

The healthy, happy children are on the north side of the U.S. border, while the poverty-stricken youngsters are on the south side. Ahh, you say, well that's it. Remember, these two groups of children are only two miles apart. Can you say one group deserves the basics while the second doesn't?

No, just living in the U.S. does not make one group more entitled than the other. It's not the residency, but the citizenship that should bring entitlement. Our federal government is partially shut down. We have to take care of our own citizens and place them first. There can be no exceptions.

As long as the State of Alabama is giving WIC and other programs to illegal aliens, there are lawful citizens of this state who are suffering needlessly. It cannot continue. This is literally a case of those not being a part of the solution being a part of the problem...a large part.


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