Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For What It's Worth...

We frequently either see or receive comments on topics we've blogged about. Here's a few of interest.
First, a Mississippi resident posted this on an open forum about Hershel Graham's defense attorneys:

But the Capper is the "High Dollar Lawyers". Jamie Franks and Bill Wheeler have been the laughingstock of the Legal and Political world for years. They have NEVER won a high profile case and have botched multi-million dollar lawsuits. Bill has had personal rumors flying about him for years. This was a case that they thought would get them some fame on the home defense issue, and they screwed it up. Jamie had one of the most ridiculous lawsuits ever when he sued the Lee County Schools because his wife, who worked there, had an affair with a co-worker. He became the joke of all North Miss. Jamie and Bill tried to take over the Miss Democrat party with Jamie as Party chairman. They finally was able to run them off. Even the Dems couldn't stand them. High Class lawyers..... Hershel picked the worst ones he could get. 

From a faithful reader:

Hi SS. Have you tried to call Florence Municipal Court recently? They don't answer. There's no number for Judge Graves. How does anyone contact him? 

No, we were unaware of any problems. It's certainly something to look into. 


We've heard an old friend has been arrested in Lauderdale County for First Degree Assault...on his brother. Look for an update...


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