Monday, September 30, 2013

Huntsville Hospital: Closer Than You Think

There's nothing like truth in advertising, Helen Keller Hospital demonstrates that old adage very well. Take a look at the hospital's new logo:

Yep, that "HH" is not for Howard Hughes. Never has Huntsville Hospital been so close...and it would like to be a whole lot closer to Lauderdale County than it already is. Remember that.


Any certified welders out there? FreightCar America Needs 150 Welders


Candlelight Vigil for  Victims of Domestic Violence
October 1, 2013
at 7:00 pm
This event is to not only honor those who have survived, remembering those whose lives were so tragically taken. Hope to see everyone there. The crosses are out front of the courthouse for the entire month.


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  1. Local people may not realize that HH's Chairman of the Board is our very own Phil Bentley...owner of Bentley Chevrolet Cadillac.