Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thanks, Sandra/Lexington Shooting?

Sandra Killen Burroughs will be retiring as head of the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board; her expertise has been invaluable. Boards can be tiresome and take precious time away from family. We would have preferred that Sandra could have found time to have remained at the helm, but wish her well as she leaves.


Did you read of the supposed shooting in Lexington earlier in the week? James Travis Murks and his girlfriend claim they were accosted by a bearded man on County Road 50 and shot at. Murks had several gunshot wounds to prove he was targeted, but by whom?

A source at the sheriff's department tells us it was only two weeks ago that Murks and his girlfriend were the targets of a drug bust at a motel in Lawrenceburg. Murks managed to make a hasty exit via the bathroom window, leaving his girlfriend holding the bag of pills. Child services took custody of the woman's 13 year-old son who was also in the motel room at the time of the raid. Perhaps there's more to the story than Mr. Murks has admitted?



  1. The story I heard was that Murks car broke down when this bearded guy came up yelling they were trespassing (on a public road?). He went off and came back shooting, shot a tire out and after being shot several times Murks drove off with a flat for several miles, stop to change it. Then he was driven to the hospital.

    1. While Murks' story could be absolutely true, he stated he was shot at 10:00 a.m., but didn't go to hospital until 5:00 p.m. All very odd...

      I wonder if Lawrence County had already served their warrant on Murks when he was shot?