Thursday, September 5, 2013

Do You Really Need a Website?

How many of you have your own website? Not counting Facebook or blogs which many use as a personal page, we're guessing not too many of our readers have a personal website. How about business? Obviously many businesses can use a website to help market their product or make important announcements, but how many have one just to say they do?

It seems that besides the official City of Florence website, Florence now also has a Facebook page. We assume we can now find out which city streets to avoid due to construction or when to expect scheduled power outages, but couldn't these be announced via the FPD Facebook page? No matter, we're big time now. Here's the link (and may we suggest they work on the header):


Under the "Do all businesses need a website?" heading, here's one for you (we didn't have the courage to click on the "Your Stories" section): Exciting Website


The Quad-Cities Daily has begun publishing Marion County arrests. Marion is just to the south of Franklin, and you can bet the reports will include many regular offenders from Russellville and Phil Campbell. The QCD--your "go to" source for arrest reports.


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