Saturday, September 7, 2013

Not an "Orchestrated Attempt" at a News Story

Years ago, many newspapers used what were called "fillers" to even out page content. In an era before computerized type setting, fillers were invaluable--not to mention they enlightened readers on the population of various foreign countries. Today we still have fillers in the TimesDaily. They're usually fluff pieces that relate what various garden clubs have accomplished over the summer months. Sometimes there seems to be even less point.

Below is an article from today's TD:

It's mainly the ending that's confusing. Was the article an attempt at humor? Was it published before it was completed? One of our readers in Red Bay has stated that if anyone working at the TD could write, they wouldn't be working at the TD. It seems like a sound theory.


If you missed this, here's another arrest for possession of child pornography:

Thanks to the Quad-Cities Daily for their in depth reporting.


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  1. Looks like article was up for six hours then a new longer one. Times Daily won't get better if the editor doesn't care.

    Don't most people know how to get around the 15 article limit? You should blog on it.