Monday, September 9, 2013

A Big Shout Out to Little Punks

Just yesterday we blogged on children who turn out badly. No, it isn't always the parents' fault; however, earlier today, we were reminded of just how monumentally bad some children are. Bad to the bone, huge disappointment, total failure, you fill in the blank. Sadly, it may be that those who fit that description may not be viewed that way by their families. After all, these children think they're entitled, and that most definitely is the parents' fault.

This afternoon we heard of a 16 year-old dog killer who threatened a man who's...well, let's just say 64 is a great number and leave it at that. Yes, if the 16 year old had been some months older, he would have been arrested and tried as an adult. Of if he had killed a person instead of an animal, he would have been tried as an adult. Can we mention his name?

It's always been our belief that if you can marry at 16, much less cuss out adults old enough to be your...umm, great-uncle, you should also face the consequences of your crimes. In other words, you did the crime, now see your name published.

However, since you're so sensitive and all...hey, what was the name of that child actor who played "Opie?"...we surely wouldn't want to mention that or where you live...and the name of that popular Jeep?...since we wouldn't want your schoolmates shunning you or anything. (Sorry our ADHD kicked in there for a few seconds.)

Now, you little punk, you got anyone else you want to cuss out?


What does the law say about naming juveniles? Courts releasing the name of a youth charged with a crime is quite different from a news source knowing the name and publishing it, but it does remain nebulous in Alabama. How about other states? If you're ten years-old in Iowa and commit even a misdemeanor, look for your name to be made public. It seems that's the trend, and we agree with it.


We once heard of a teacher in a local system who was often totally exasperated with his students. One day after exclaiming, "How juvenile," the teacher was met with comments from several students who answered back, "We ain't juveniles, Mr. Smith. We ain't got no record."


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