Saturday, September 14, 2013

Personnel Changes at Lauderdale Sheriff's Office?

Sources at the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office say they're currently awaiting a new office manager. Nancy Hammond Sartain has been the office admin for a little over two years. Good luck, Nancy. We're sure you can find a position with much better working conditions.


Our friend and local author Jim Smith (Walk Through Town) is said to be improving after surgery. If you know Jim, be sure to send him a card.


For those who have asked to see a pic of the Darby Store at Cypress Inn, Tennessee, here's a photo from Mike Womble:



  1. Ohhh. I can see how someone could easily crash into that building--even without alcohol. We have an almost identical intersection here in my neck of the woods only where the store is, there is a sign.

    The sign gets hit, often.

    By the looks of this store/house, I can also see how it would have easily caught fire. Old wood with that raised construction--a car could easily drive into it and the house fall onto it, enclosing the heat of the car against its dry wood...

    Very sad. As a mom, I'm grieved to think how awful it must be for the parents as thoughts of their daughter dying in those flames cross their minds.

    Just horrible And those kinds of thoughts will come unbidden...even without a picture to remind them. I hope they know the Lord for only He will get them thru this.

  2. You see the little building on the side that is open with the block wall and a roof is open but the inside is empty, that is where the truck hit.. It actually did not go threw the building. It is a miracle that Mr. Burns was able to crawl out of the truck... It is a shame it was Miss. Underwood. She was the victim in all of this.

    1. Hunter, we spoke with a LEO about what "excessive" speed meant. He was guessing 85 mph. Was he correct on this?

    2. Yes he was driving way over the speed limit. If you havent been up that way there is a quarter of a mile straight shot with the building in plain sight.. There was also no skid marks, no signs of breaking or anything else at the scene.. I hope Brittany is in a better place but something tells me Mr. Burns has a very bad place he is going to spend a number of years and then a very hot afterlife