Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Identify a Murderer...or a Genius

Law enforcement has for years been looking for a way to find criminals before they strike, especially murderers. We've looked over some Shoals area murders from the past few years and have spotted a definite trend. How can you spot the murderer?

Easy...they would all give you the shirt off their back. It seems it's always said of those who are arrested or convicted for murder--the Johnson brothers, the Brewer brothers, and many others. We actually think it may be why they commit murder; they are always cold, and that makes for angry individuals.


How to spot a genius? That one is really easy. They're all under 30 and still know everything. Apparently intelligence tends to decrease exponentially as a person ages and their experiences increase.


D.K. tells us that Christolyne Brown's parole was turned down last Tuesday. Tomorrow, Matthew Fox and Jamie Mackey will have their day before the board. One week from tomorrow, one of the Shoals' most infamous killers will be up for parole. We'll discuss him tomorrow...


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