Tuesday, September 10, 2013

At What Point is Money More Important?

We all need money to exist. Yes, we know that came as a big surprise to you, but when does money become the be-all/end-all for us? We recently discussed the new charges at the TimesDaily to view their news items. Yes, there is a way around it; but, yes, we have ponied up the 16.00 for two months viewing. Note: The TD may say 8.00 per month, but one must purchase a minimum of two months.

How about money and politics? How many said they couldn't stand Bill Clinton's morals, or lack thereof, but tolerated him because they felt he had improved the economy? Closer to home, how many think it's just dandy to give foreign students first chance at UNA classes if they're paying cash money? Guess those young Alabamians on Pell Grants can rusticate on the farm.

Just something to think about...


Speaking of money and morals, or perceived morals, how about the lottery? Would we ever purchase a ticket? No way. Yet it seems someone in Florence has hit it big:


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