Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Look at Lyndsey Brooke Grindol

Earlier this week, we blogged about three parents who are currently under indictment for harming their children. One was Lyndsey Brooke Grindol who allegedly broke her child's arm intentionally. A reader/friend who knows Lyndsey contacted us with some information concerning the young mother.

Among other things, it seems she is an EMT, a person trained to help, not harm. She's also obviously a person who would know how fragile a child's limb really is. It appears that not only was the young girl's arm broken, but Madilynn had severe bruising and swelling around her eyes that the mother could not account for.

Grindol is also the mother of a young son, Aidan. Her online comments often mention her fondness for her children, but also lament the lack of men in her life. Perhaps for her it was a love/hate relationship with her children? DHR is monitoring both Madilynn and Aidan.


Pen-N-Sword recently published an article on a three year-old who was taken from her parents due testing positive for cocaine in her system. It seems that our state child protective services had previously taken an eight year-old from the couple. A reader asked why the younger child had not already been taken. We have no idea of the circumstances, but we do know DHR in Alabama has many problems.

More tomorrow...