Sunday, September 8, 2013

Working Those 15 Articles?

We had a request yesterday in the comment section to blog on how to get around the 15/mo. TimesDaily article limit. We think anyone with any computer savvy can figure that out. We will get you started by saying the limit of 15 applies to each browser. Use three browsers and you get a total of 45 free. We've also discovered that once an article is opened, there is no double count if it should be opened again. Did we mention anything about, we didn't.


Interesting article in the TD concerning designer drugs. It failed to mention the fake LSD and similar drugs being sold on blotters--the kind that took the life of a Muscle Shoals teenager. Just tell your kids that if they're stupid enough to do any drugs and die or turn into vegetables, you'll put them in unmarked graves or warehouse them at some public nursing home where they'll remain for the rest of their lives. If that doesn't do it, you should ask yourself where you've failed.



  1. There are times when parents needlessly beat themselves up for the way their kids turned out, when they did every good thing that could have been done in raising them. Kids have minds and temperaments of their own, some with a rebellious streak a mile long and two miles wide. Their self destructive behavior does not reflect the failure of the parents.

    Of course, I do not speak for all parents...just the ones who watched their children grow more and more hell bent on ruining their lives, no matter what they (parents) said/did to stop them from taking those roads.

    Sometimes, one has to put the blame where blame belongs, and remember that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood...

    (TD is really not a reliable source for local news.)

    1. Profound remarks. Our advice is mainly to parents who say, "We don't have to discuss that. Little Johnnie or Little Susie would never do that."

      Parents should say, "While we know you would never do xyz, just in case you're with someone who does..."