Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No Parole for Tre' Wells

If you have not already heard, James Leroy (Tre') Wells III, now 27, was denied parole last Tuesday. He will next face the board in five years. Currently he has served half of his 20 year sentence for the brutal murder of his mother. D.K. will be bringing some more hearings to our attention in the next few weeks.


Why would anyone kill their own parents? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are murders; however, we asked someone who has studied local violent crime. Our source reports that in an unscientific study, approximately 50% of all such murders occur in a home where there is also a severely handicapped sibling.

That was obviously not the case for Tre' Wells who was an only child. Fully formed impulse control or not, the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Wells was extremely brutal and almost totally unfathomable.


Which Huntsville television station offers more in local expose's? Most readers probably said WAFF. Look to that station to be bringing the Shoals a story on someone we've profiled here...


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