Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"The Girl...Wasn't So Squeaky Clean Herself"

"He was a nice guy, he was always laughing ... Everyone could get along with him ...Once I heard his name involved with this [I thought] that ain't him - everyone I know, all the boys, everyone was like - that ain't him, there is no way he would do something like that." Friend of a 16 year-old New Zealand youth who admitted raping a five year-old girl in December of last year.

If you read OB's Corner from January 28th, you're aware of some interesting facts concerning a convicted rapist/robber who served 20 years for his crimes. Among the reader comments was this:

I hope you don't consider yourself a Christian. Seriously is your life so miserable that you have to find fault in someone else's life and something that happened so long ago. You make the statement that 20 years without parole is odd even if he had been let out you would still not accept him. Did you ever think that maybe he just wanted to be done with it so he could live his life. Better yet did you go to him for his side of the story, you know we didn't have all the advancements that we do today back then. One more thing the girl who accused him of this wasn't so squeaky clean herself back then. I guess I would get pissed off too if I spent all that money thinking I was getting cocaine and all I got was baking soda but hey you know everything cause you got his side and all. The world would be a much better place if people just minded their own business. He served his time just leave him alone.

So a woman who sells drugs, or substances she claims to be drugs, deserves to be raped? This type of mentality never ceases to amaze us.


We've had some questions, and some comments on Tennessee Valley Talks, concerning how to publish a comment here. If you don't want to use an existing ID from Word Press or similar site, you can open a free Blogger profile. This simply clarifies who is posting, but does not reveal the poster's real name. You may choose any name you wish to post under.

As for deleted comments concerning accused rapist Corey Griffin, we deleted approximately 25% of them. They were not "legion." Those deleted either named Griffin's accuser and/or contained libelous statements about the accuser or others. Such comments as "She was asking for it" were also deleted. 

We welcome comments, but again, please abide by the rules...


Monday, January 30, 2012

Doug Ruggles Praises Jimmy Neese

Martin Supply exec Doug Ruggles (pictured) has praised Jimmy Neese for his role in securing the former Rogers Department Store building for the Sheffield company's new corporate offices. From the TimesDaily:

Ruggles...praised city leaders, the Shoals Economic Development Authority and developer Jimmy Neese for making the move possible.

Certainly the use of the majestic building for offices will bring more revenue to Florence than condos, a possibility once tauted on the TD. Yet we're sure Neese didn't perform this service without some financial reward. How soon we forget.

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Yesterday's blog on the need for an audit of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department has produced several e-mails. From a regular reader:

Your article re: an audit of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office raises an interesting opportunity for Judge Mitchell, an opportunity to DEMONSTRATE his leadership capabilities and do what is RIGHT and NEEDED (an audit of the Sheriff Office's accounts) for the citizens of Lauderdale County. 


You can't tell the players without a program: The name "anonymous" seems to cover a multitude of sins. For that reason, we're asking those who wish to comment to register or to use one of their other Internet accounts. Thanks in advance.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sheriff's Department Audit/Another Word from Bailey

Lauderdale Sheriff Ronnie Willis

Since a recent mention of a retailer's experience with a Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department credit card, others have related similar stories. What's the problem?

Rest assured, we can rule out financial irregularities related to dishonesty; the department is not responsible for paying its invoices. It is responsible for submitting check requests and making sure all bills are paid on time. Apparently this has not been done since the retirement of the long-time office manager some months ago.

An audit would simply pinpoint where the delays are in the current system and result in the formulation of more efficient policies. We have no idea how often routine audits are done, but it seems past time for the county commission to take a look at what is, or isn't, going on in the sheriff's office.


From Bailey: I never expected my opinion on a local rape case to stir up so many comments. I still stand by what I said. I don't know this young man and don't want to know him. My opinions are just that-mine, but I believe they're no different in this case than those of most out there who have read about the accusations. I have no children, but I have a nephew Corey Griffin's age and he's never once been accused of rape or anything close to it.

If Corey is innocent of all these accusations, his parents should have sat him down after his first "problem" and told him how to act and react in certain situations. But you know, at 20 Corey should have already figured out most of that on his own. Let's hope he has now.


If you haven't read OB's Corner this weekend, be sure to catch item number three of his latest...


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bailey Quarters On Corey Griffin

Bailey's Bailiwick:

Did he or didn't he? Most of us just know what we read in the papers and hear on TV, so what should we think about Corey Griffin? Did he attempt to rape a fellow UNA student last fall?

Guess most of us may never know the answer to that, but we can sort out some of the "details" that are rummaging around here. First we have Corey who graduated from high school in 2009. Mr. Russel says Corey was set to graduate early, but Corey stated himself he didn't start classes until fall 2009 and the papers said he was a sophomore at the time of his arrest. Early? Well, we aren't too sure about that one.

I don't think anyone would be stepping out on a limb here to say Corey has been no saint and he doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes. Okay, he's just a high school kid when he roughs up a girlfriend and throws her out of a car. She was obsessed with him? He was obsessed with her? Makes no difference. What he did was violent and obviously wrong and he got probation. Most people would have learned from that.

So less than two years later Corey is at UNA and has an older girlfriend. She gets a restraining order just like his Talladega girlfriend, but we don't know exactly what happened there. Corey is either just as volatile as ever or at best isn't a very good judge of character.

Now we come to the fall frat rush of 2011 and Corey is intoxicated. He probably wasn't the only one and he did have enough sense to know he wasn't able to drive. Score one for Corey. Or maybe not since at least two hours after he leaves the party he has blacked out at home, that's quite a bit of drinking for one who isn't even legal age. Still more illegal activity for the tennis ace, but the kind most wink at I guess. BTW, what does UNA say about all this frat activity and underage drinking?

Now Corey calls a girlfriend to give him a drive home. They wind up having sex in the front seat of her car, but was it consensual or was it rape? Well, the woman says rape, so police are called and find Corey blacked out at his home in Muscle Shoals. No one has suggested Corey doesn't remember what happened, but I will. It's a definite possibility.

I also hope the Muscle Shoals detectives read Corey his rights. He sure opened up to them with all kinds of statements and none of them made him look like a gentleman or even a caring human being. That doesn't make him a rapist, but since this is woman number three who's accusing him of violence it's a distinct possibility.

So a grand jury isn't allowed to hear Corey's past record. I understand that's the law. I really don't understand the correctness of this particular law. Someone charged with rape has shoplifted, it's not important. Someone charged with rape has been charged with violence to women twice before it should be important. But since the grand jury didn't hear about Corey's past they didn't indict him. If I had been on the jury, I probably wouldn't have either. But I wasn't and I've read his history and as Ivy says, he's not exactly a moral character.

End of story, unless Corey hasn't learned something from this incident. I hope he has.


State senator Roger Bedford has gone on record as saying Alabama's illegal immigration law is racist. Surely Sen. Bedford knows that "Hispanic" is not a race; surely he also knows the law has impacted Japanese and Germans as well as those from south of the border?

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Hank Thomas Critiques the Lauderdale County Commission

Dewey Mitchell

"The Lauderdale County Commission lives in the past," according to Waterloo resident Hank Thomas. Thomas further links Commissioners Larry Irons and D. C. Thornton with Dewey Mitchell, who will be seeking his first term in the new position of County Commission Chair. According to this most persistent critic, these two commissioners "take their lead" from Mitchell and vote as he wishes them to.

Thomas presents at least two interesting issues. It seems the county's emergency plan was last updated in 1998. Since then, the commission paid 10K for a new plan in 2008, but has yet to review it--a necessary step before it can be implemented. At this rate, the "new" plan will be out of date before it's inaugurated.

Thomas' second issue with the commission is the 9:00 a.m. meeting times. Obviously, most working individuals are not able to be present at these semi-monthly events. Thomas states there was once a suggestion to move the meetings to a later hour, but no vote was ever taken on the issue, nor was it ever broached by any commission member after the initial introduction by a county citizen.

Hank Thomas wants all Lauderdale County citizens to become involved in its government. We here at Shoalanda Speaks lobby for the same end. Our commission members need new leadership, not the same good ol' boy politics they have experienced since 1994.


We hope the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department has enough furnishings and supplies to fill its new offices. It seems one retailer refused to sell any merchandise to the department when its credit card was rejected. Did someone forget to pay the bill?


Thursday, January 26, 2012

"UNA Problems" on Twitter/Greer Inserts Foot in Mouth

There's a new Twitter account in town, UNA Problems. Obviously this looked interesting...initially. Many of the problems tweeted about seem mundane, at least to a non-student. There's also a similar Twitter account named UNA Probz, with similar postings.

Somehow we doubt whoever set up these accounts expected students to post concerning the irritation of other students coughing, even when it sounds as if they're about to bring up a giant fur ball. Perhaps the most interesting thing about UNA Problems is the logo: The traditional UNA logo turned upside down. Should we infer this to mean UNA is in serious trouble? Where's Steve Pierce when you need him?


Lynn Greer (R), Rogersville, has stated Republicans wanted to retaliate against Paul Hubbert, head of the Alabama Education Association. We're not sure if Greer meant to use the word "retaliate," but we are sure his statement will be used against him for years to come. Damage control, anyone?


We've received some comments naming an alleged rape victim. Such comments will not be published. It's always a common rationale to blame the victim, whether a victim of rape or other crime. It doesn't speak well of anyone's intelligence or morals, and it won't be tolerated here.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Colbert Grand Jury Disappoints...

There's an old joke, somewhat risque', that asks if a man forces sex on a prostitute, is he guilty of rape...or only shoplifting? Apparently a Colbert County grand jury held that frame of mind when they failed to indict former UNA student Corey Langley Griffin for raping a woman he had "an arrangement with." This woman "knew her place," and therefore could not be raped?

From a previous blog: Sources with the Muscle Shoals Police Department have stated that former UNA student Corey Langley Griffin, currently accused of rape and awaiting indictment, has two similar previous charges for violence against women. Both a former high school girlfriend from Talladega and a former UNA girlfriend have restraining orders against the one-time high school tennis star. Griffin's response to the charges: "The criminal complaint filed in district court says that Griffin told investigators that he only used the victim for sex, and that she understood her place with him."

Obviously Griffin's previous record was not considered in the indictment. His defense attorney has stated he will not return to UNA where he was suspended pending the outcome of the charges. At least he no longer walks the streets of the Shoals.


There's an Internet meme that states Bill Gates' dream of a computer in every home in the U.S. has come to fruition, and now we have those with an IQ of 12 pontificating on every issue imaginable. We frequently see this, but nothing brings it home like writing about a heinous crime. We have written several blogs recently concerning Ron Wikkid Weems, the juggalo who has confessed to killing a young woman and dismembering her body at his mother's Muscle Shoals residence. One critic used the comment section to accuse us of having a previous relationship with Weems.

Now this same woman has contacted us on Facebook asking why we would even write about Weems if we didn't know him personally. Yes, we personally know the subjects of all 1,220 of our previous columns...no. Not quite.

If this woman needs our reasons to be spelled out, it's indeed sad for her and anyone else who may be limited to such tunnel vision. Just reading the arrest report of the three so far charged should be sufficient. Those who break the law commit a crime against not only their victims, but society in general. If anyone is not offended by Weems and his happy bunch of clowns, they are seriously lacking not only in brain function, but in the heart department as well.

Comments welcome. No profanity, vulgarity, or libelous statements...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ricky Walter Denton Redefines "Habitual"

Tuscumbia's Ricky Walter Denton has just been sentenced to prison...again. Denton's career stretches back to the mid-1980s, and by the time he was arrested for drug trafficking in 1997, this perennial bad boy had convictions for six prior felonies, including burglary, promoting prison contraband, and leaving the scene of an accident...as well as two major drug convictions. Colbert County District Attorney Gary Alverson initially sought to have Denton tried as a habitual offender for the trafficking operation he conducted both from his home and a locker at the Dungeon Gym.

However, Denton agreed to a plea deal of 15 years, and was a free man again by 2001, when he was again arrested for drug trafficking. By 2004, Denton was 38 years old and wanted for fleeing a forgery charge. Back in prison by 2006, Denton began a long list of suits against government agencies including the Drug Task Force and the Colbert County Sheriff. By 2009, Denton was yet again free and took part in a robbery of a Ford City bank.

It was during the investigation of Denton for that crime that his involvement in a major tax fraud scheme was discovered. His partner in crime, Joann Smith Choat, will serve 12 months in Federal prison while Denton has been sentenced to 70 months. Ricky Walter Denton is still serving his state sentence for armed robbery. How long before he again returns to the free world? No matter how long, it seems as if incarceration has failed to teach this Tuscumbia terror the error of his ways.


The Franklin County grand jury met earlier today. A list of indictments should be forthcoming shortly, and at that time we will know what charges will be brought against the killer(s) of David Martin Andrasik.

One of the accused, Elijah Graham, has been asking for support on Facebook. Fortunately, if he and/or his father are indicted, it will take more than well wishes on a social networking site to spare them punishment for this heinous crime.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Crystal Huddleston Wins Probation

Crystal Sutton Huddleston has won probation after pleading guilty to embezzling at least 41K from the Colbert County 911 office. We agree this was the appropriate sentence for a crime of this nature; however, we do wonder why Allison Paige McWilliams was similarly tried in Colbert County and sentenced to 15 years in prison for embezzling 16K from the Cherokee Library. We have decided those looking for rhyme or reason for most sentencing in the Shoals are chasing irrationality incarnate.

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In case any of our readers has been living under a rock, we'll briefly mention that Alabama now has a law targeted at illegal immigration. Notice the word "illegal" in the previous sentence. Those who have immigrated here legally from Mexico, Majorca, or Mozambique should have no fears. Those who are here illegally should be concerned enough to either leave or make an attempt to become legal...no hurt feelings.

That is unless you count the Federal government. It seems several Federal agencies including the Justice Department are holding a Birmingham meeting with immigrants to discuss health services, fair housing, civil rights, education, food assistance, and other services with immigrants. Now, if we could just convince the Feds to care as much about Alabama citizens...

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sheffield's Got Him and He's Drunk

We've heard for some time that if you have enough money, your name won't appear in the Shoals Insider should you be arrested. Apparently that's not true of the Quad-Cities Daily which didn't hesitate to publish Michael Jason Isbell's mug shot.

Isbell is known for his band the 400 Unit. Here's a shot of the Killen resident looking just a little more spiffy...


If you're wondering about the title of today's blog, it's a take-off on a sign that's gaining quite a bit of attention in Russellville. Here's Bailey's Bailiwick:

We've Got It & It's Cold!

Drive north on Hwy 43 in Russellville and you can't miss the sign on the old Golden Corral steakhouse. We guess subtlety isn't the owner's strong point, but with all the restrictions the town is placing on alcohol sales, maybe they just wanted the local gourmets to know they can buy Blue Ribbon to go with their tacos.

Not to be outdone, the church down the block has put up their own sign: We've Got It & It's Free. I've got a pretty good idea it isn't beer or steak, but here's hoping someone will build a decent American restaurant in town. If you don't like Mexican or Chinese you're plumb out of luck.

Driving through Russellville is sort of like being in that Sylvester Stallone movie where all the restaurants were named Taco Bell. No wonder Wendy's is always crowded.


The TimesDaily is reporting activity in the Lauderdale County Sheriff's office is getting back to normal after recent remodeling. They have a "normal?" Stay tuned...

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Whitesell Vendor Strikes Back

Whitesell is known as an acquisitive company, because acquisitions are a key part of our unique business model. Whitesell’s primary strategic business objective is to continually offer our customers better total value. Key to this is regularly completing strategic acquisitions. Through these acquisitions, Whitesell gains the ability to add (or “bolt on”) newly acquired product and process capabilities to our existing core competencies and market penetration.

The company has grown dramatically since 1985, now with nine-figure revenues and a global footprint. This rapid expansion is the result of both robust organic growth and its vigorous approach to acquisitions ─ 20 in all so far. Each acquisition, which average one to two a year, is strategically selected to expand the product and process capability Whitesell is able to offer to its customers. Continually adding new product and process capabilities to an established logistic infrastructure is one of the key ways Whitesell is able to offer new cost savings to the market on an ongoing basis. - Whitesell website


The MKM Company in Jeffersonville, Indiana, had problems...big financial problems. Among the company's vendors was the Acme Widget Company, and Acme was obviously worried about being paid for its products. Then along came the Whitesell Corp.

A representative of Whitesell informed Acme and other vendors that they would be purchasing MKM. The deal wouldn't be finalized over night, but it was in progress. A Whitesell employee began to sign the checks from MKM to vendors, and Acme Widget was reassured that MKM was once more a responsible company that paid for its purchases.

Yet something didn't seem quite right. Each month's check to Acme left a larger and larger balance. Acme decided to cut MKM off, but a representative from Whitesell called the widget manufacturer and asked for an emergency delivery of several parts. The Whitesell employee stated that the acquisition was almost complete and that they would be paid in full at that time.

The deal was completed just as the Whitesell representative had promised, but instead of payment in full, all MKM vendors received a letter that the Whitesell Corp. had purchased the assets of MKM only; MKM would be paying secured creditors, whomever they might be. The Acme Widget Company lost 200K dollars. The total loss of all MKM vendors reached the millions.

Surely the Acme Widget Company could sue? No, 'fraid not. Acme's attorneys informed the company that Whitesell would be fighting them with the very money they had made from Acme's products. It was a lost cause. Now Acme still sells widgets to Whitesell, but strictly on a COD basis.

An employee of Acme has been so concerned over this event that he has launched a website:

It should prove extremely interesting to see how many companies may respond to the Acme employee's blog.


From a reader concerning Crystal Huddleston: According to her Facebook page, she has been approved for a gastric sleeve to help her lose weight. Maybe she should take the money that operation costs and pay back Colbert 911.


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Friday, January 20, 2012

Johnny Mack Morrow & the Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Johnny Mack Morrow & the Alabama Music Hall of Fame

A Guest Commentary By

Hester Saint

Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, Democrat, Red Bay, asked Shoals businessman Marty Abroms to chair a committee whose purpose will be to keep the Alabama Music Hall of Fame alive and keep its current Colbert County location, according to a story by Russ Corey in the Jan. 4th edition of the "Times Daily." The article continued by stating that "Morrow is adamant about keeping the Alabama Music Hall of Fame open, but he’s concerned about how that’s going to happen" given recent budgeting which cut State funding to museums and other attractions."Morrow asked the mayors of Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia and the chairmen of the Colbert and Lauderdale county commissions to serve on the committee. Tuscumbia Mayor Bill Shoemaker, whose city is home to the hall of fame, was the only county or municipal official who could attend a meeting Wednesday at the Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments offices to discuss the museum. Also attending were state Sen. Tammy Irons, D-Florence, state Rep. Marcel Black, D-Muscle Shoals, state Rep. Greg Burdine, D-Florence, and NACOLG Executive Director Keith Jones."

Rep. Morrow may, indeed must and certainly should, feel like the chickens have come home to roost. Notorious across NW Alabama for being unresponsive to mailed notifications of meetings of importance to his district, invitations to events affecting his district, unreachable by any of the means given by him to the office of the Clerk of the House for inclusion on the Alabama Legislature website. Johnny Mack must also feel egg from those roosting chickens all over his 'can't catch me' face.

Appropriately, all but Tuscumbia's own Mayor, Bill Shoemaker, played their own trump cards on 'ol Johnny Mack by not attending the meeting he called - in my humble, oft time frustrated to no end at his arrogant approach to representation of his district, opinion. Discussed among myself and others who over the years shared spoken aggravation at his thumb nosing to even the most important events.

Hopefully, Mr. Abroms and the members who now make up the committee to keep the Alabama Music Hall of Fame afloat and housed in its current location will not be discouraged by lack of attendance at Rep. Morrow's called meeting, rather encouraged anyone did.

The matter would likely gain more momentum and support if handled by someone else.


From Ron Jeffries: For everyone who knew Charlie Ross (Dave Tipps), there will be an informal Wake/Reunion/Celebration of Life for Charlie tomorrow (Saturday) at O' Malley's in Sheffield at 2:00 p.m. All friends and former co-workers are invited.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Delete Doonsbury? Move Mallard Out?

Find the Sunday comics disappointing? Apparently the TimesDaily is in the mood for change. Below is a link to their new survey to determine the most popular funnies.

Beware: The survey is slightly misleading, asking you to choose your favorite 15, then presenting you with almost 60 to rate. So, now's the time to deep six Hi & Lois and bring on Funky Winkerbean...


We're hearing rumblings of the continued presence of ABI agents mucking about in Colbert County offices--long after the indictment of Crystal Sutton Huddleston, former 911 office manager. Sutton's trial, unless delayed, should be upcoming shortly. Friends inform us Huddleston has started a new photography venture Haute Shots. Said friends also remain staunch supporters of the Cherokee businesswoman. We await the trial...

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Say No to SOPA

Want to keep the Internet free for all, uncensored? January 24th is an important day in Congress. Tell our representatives how you feel:


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

John Milton Littrell To Go Free?

Sources close to John Milton Littrell have informed us his assault victim failed to appear in court to testify against him. Littrell is reportedly being held on other outstanding warrants at this time. We understand it's embarrassing to testify in front of strangers; however, his latest victim's testimony could have conceivably saved other women from the same ordeal.

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John Milton Littrell


A reader has asked if Dewey Mitchell will have an incumbent's advantage in his quest to become the first Lauderdale County Commission Chair. While technically no, the current probate judge is the de facto incumbent
for this postion, so we will have to answer yes.

The new part-time position will be hotly contested both in the primary and the general election. Republican Quinton Hanson has the funds and the experience to match Mitchell...or any other nominee...


Tuscumbia City Council members want to make sure the office of mayor remains the highest paid position in their city. That sounds good on the surface since the mayor is obviously the most important person in municipal workings. After all, wouldn't everyone call Mayor Shoemaker first in the event of a natural gas leak...


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Dave Tipps, aka Charlie Ross, Has Passed Away

For many years, Charlie Ross was a mainstay at WQLT in Florence. Ross, whose real name was Dave Tipps, was living in Nashville when he passed away early this morning. Funeral services will be announced by Moore Cortner Funeral Home in Winchester, Tennessee.

Our sincerest sympathies to his wife Liz and the many fans he left behind.


Our poll on mug shots is now over. While inherently unscientific, approximately 20% of our daily readers voted, favoring publishing these public records by a 3 to 1 margin.


Also over is qualifying for the March primaries. We'll begin evaluating candidates immediately. Please send us any info you wish published if we haven't already contacted you.


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Ronald Weems Proposes from Jail

It seems our favorite Juggalo, Ron Wikkid Weems has offered a jailhouse proposal to one of his longtime girlfriends--one who is not incarcerated and who has an actual income. We understand this former RN has accepted Weems' offer. Now that's true love...not to mention extremely bad taste and gross denial.


The Franklin County grand jury will meet sometime this week between Tuesday and Thursday; the session may last two days. Exact dates are kept private, but we have been informed that Herschel D. Graham and his son Elijah Graham are among the list of those whose cases will be presented.

Our best to the David Andrasik family in their quest for justice.


TBR has posted a new review in Quad-Cities Cuisine. Be sure to check it out.


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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pizza & Parker - Two Madison Surprises

Joe's Pizzeria in Madison rolled out the football pizza today, among them one depicting Nick Saban. No word on how much Shoals blogger O.B. offered the award winning pizza maker for a replica to hang on his wall.


The second big event in Madison County today was Parker Griffith's announcement that he will run against incumbent Mo Brooks. Apparently we aren't the only ones with Republican leanings to be shocked. We're guessing Dr. Griffith will have an uphill battle.

The former one-term representative is publicly stating Mo's political philosophy is composed mainly of rhetoric. Well...we do get a lot of press releases from him.


Anyone take a good look at the pics accompanying Scott Beason's announcement that he will run for Congress? The current state senator from Gardendale, capital of White Flight, was wearing his usual Bama bangs, and the aura of the photo smacked of the latest edition of Awkward Family Photos.

And we hear he's hoping to someday make it to the White House...


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Friday, January 13, 2012

Juggalos Face March Indictment/Navistar News

Ronald (Ron Wikkid) Weems & Laurel (Chubbylette) Pruett

Sources in the Colbert County District Attorney's office state the cases against Ronald Weems, Laurel Pruett, and Matthew Fox will be presented to a grand jury in March. Ostensibly, the February docket was full; however, we hope this also means co-conspirator Ashley Fawn Greenhill will have been arrested in the interim. The family of murder victim Amanda Taylor needs as much closure as possible.


While Navistar has yet to make an official announcement concerning the exact product to be manufactured in the former National Alabama plant, we've received reports that 50 workers have recently been added to the force and 50 more should join them by the end of the month. The first series of classes for new job recruits is scheduled to begin January 24th at Northwest Shoals Community College.

We're still hearing that the Navistar facility will be producing parts for the MaxxPro military vehicles. If so, it's sad that war is the driving force bringing an upturn to Shoals economy, but we're nevertheless thankful for the much needed boost.

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Call it Rogers Hall or call it Courtview, its beauty is undeniable. This 1907 photo postcard can be yours for $19.90 on eBay: Link


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tony Logan's Long Legal Quest Over Today?/PYSIH

It's been a long road for Tony Logan, former Florence Deputy Police Chief and current chief of the Tuscumbia Police Department. Who's to blame? No one but Logan himself. Chief Logan has never denied guilt relating to his December 2009 DUI arrest, but has instead danced around the legal system chanting nebulous laws, persecution, and other various possible loopholes.

What will happen if a Gadsden jury finds Logan guilty as charged? At best Logan will have been out a lot of money for nothing, and at worst he may again be suspended from his job. No one has ever accused Logan of not being a great police officer. Everyone makes mistakes. The difference in Logan's case is he has chosen to evade punishment for his shortcomings and consequently cost the taxpayers of Lauderdale County thousands of dollars in doing so.

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We've previously mentioned People
You'll See in Hell both here and in Shoals Crime. Due to health problems of the publisher, PYSIH has been in hiatus for some months, but is now back with new articles.

Be sure to catch "Tiffany's" article: Weems, Pruett, Greenhill, & Fox


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Connie Green & Chris Nichols Join Democratic Fray in Franklin County

Connie Green, widow of former Probate Judge Mike Green, and Chris Nichols have joined Stratt Byars in seeking the Democratic nomination for the probate judgeship in Franklin County. The winner of the Democratic primary will face off against Republican Barry Moore. Qualifying ends Friday the 13th at 5:00 p.m. At 6:30 p.m., the Dems will host their traditional kickoff banquet at the A. W. Todd Centre in downtown Russellville. No word if crow will be similarly served in November.


A reader commented on Brooks High Coach Jerry Hill's quest for the Lauderdale County Superintendent's office:

That's like the pot calling the kettle black. Jerry Hill was coach at Central when Harlon was principal at Brooks. He works for Lauderdale Board of Education, he has two sisters who work for different offices in Lauderdale County and are on the Lauderdale County payroll. Does he think he and his family are exempt from nepotism? I will not vote for him because I don't believe he is qualified to be Superintendent of Education.


It's now January 11th. We're still waiting to hear from Navistar on their plans for the RSA Barton facility, as well as from the state concerning RegionalCare's Certificate of Need. Perhaps their press conferences have been called because of rain?


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Special Report: Get Your Winning T-Shirts Here!

If you're a true Alabama fan, you know you have to have a commemorative shirt. Call Greg today and pick up your shirt tomorrow!

Tees - 10.00
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(And ask what a "coozy" is while you're there.)

Seeking William Joseph (Bill) Ledlow

An out of state reader is seeking his brother. William Joseph Ledlow, known as Bill, was born in a small town in northern Illinois. Bill and his brother lost their mother in the early 1980s and their father in the early 1990s. At that point, they became separated. Bill's brother believes there is a good chance that he lives in the Tuscaloosa area or perhaps as far north as Winston County. Bill would be about 51 years old, is approximately 6' 3" tall, and has/had reddish hair.

We're asking anyone who might know or have known Bill to contact us here: shoalanda.speaks@gmail.com.

We're also asking any readers in the stated area to repost this blog on Facebook or link it to whatever forums or social networking sites to which you belong. On behalf of Bill's brother, we thank you for helping to reunite these two siblings.


Currently there are three announced candidates for Lauderdale County Superintendent of Schools. On the Democratic ticket, Jennifer Gray has joined Jerry Hill in seeking the position Dr. William Valentine is vacating. Here's a short bio from her Facebook page:

I have been married to Jeff Gray for 21 years. We have two children. Sydney graduated high school in 2009 and is a college senior. Connor is a high school senior. We are active members at First Baptist Church in Green Hill.

I have been an educator for 22 years spending 15 years as a classroom teacher at Cloverdale Jr. High School and Rogers High School. In 2005, I became the assistant principal at Brooks Elementary and remained there for 3 years. I am currently in my fourth year as Elementary Curriculum Director and Federal Programs Coordinator for the Lauderdale County School system. I hold a master's degree in Early Childhood Education, an EdS in Educational Administration from UNA and am on track to complete requirements for an EdD in Educational Leadership in 2012.

A reader asked us in the comment section whom we supported. We have not made that decision, but we thoroughly believe whoever the new superintendent may be, he or she needs experience in administration. This position should not be a learn as you go job.

We welcome announcements, bios, and mission statements from all Shoals candidates.


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Monday, January 9, 2012

Harlon Hill's Son Cries Nepotism

Jerry Hill, son of acclaimed Alabama and U.S. footballer Harlon Hill, has cried nepotism in the world of Lauderdale County education. First, this is not news; second...well, our blog title speaks for itself.

Hill, 52, ran for superintendent four years ago as an Independent. Now he will give it a try as a Democrat. He called education a "business" in his interview with the TimesDaily. While we agree that almost anything these days is a business, we hope those who truly care about education see it as a way of life and a way in which to insure future generations live up to their potential. Seeing it as simply a business is one reason our local system has so many current problems.

From Hill's bio:
Coach Jerry Hill is beginning his seventh year as the head football coach at Brooks High School. Coach Hill is a 1977 graduate of Brooks, where he lettered in football, basketball and track. He attended the University of North Alabama on a football scholarship and was an 11th round draft pick of the Washington Redskins of the NFL in 1981. Coach Hill is married to the former Mary Beth Goad, who is also a Brooks graduate. They have one son, Austin, who is a 2010 graduate of Brooks.


A cautionary tale about nepotism: Once upon a time in a land far removed from here, a coach caught an intruder in his home. He immediately recognized the would be burglar as a former student who had relatives in the county in which he toiled. Did it matter that the young man had seemed never to do anything right in his life? We admit it would be a tough call.

Instead of turning the young man over to authorities, the coach called the boy's father who promised to get him into rehab. The young man hasn't made any news since then, so we may assume he did go and it did work. We've also heard that others this boy had sought to harm also came out on top in the end. Did this coach make the right decision? It would seem to depend upon whether it was your home or car this young man had previously broken into or your child he had tried to snatch. These victims vote also.


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Neler Keeton & Hershel D. Graham: Similar Crimes?

David Andrasik & Daughter

Neler Keeton was a 75 year-old resident of Zip City when he fatally shot Anthony Eugene Hunt. Red Bay resident Hershel D. Graham was 49 when he killed David Martin Andrasik. Are there similarities to these killings two counties and five years apart? We think there are.

2006 - Keeton's former son-in-law Tony Hunt, 40, had divorced his wife and quickly remarried. The younger man had custody of his two children, and Keeton was vocal in his unhappiness with what he considered inadequate visitation. A widower, Keeton often visited his grandson and granddaughter at school where he would prepare homemade ice cream for their classes.

2011 - Graham lived with his teenage son and was known for his odd behavior. Neighbors stated he had always had mental problems, but his psychological problems had become worse after a career as a professional athlete. Graham was known to let the family dog run loose despite the leash laws in Red Bay. Many say they were afraid to force the issue with him.

2006 - Thursday, May 26th was the last day of the Lauderdale County school term, and Keeton had brought his 10 year-old grandson home in preparation of taking him to a ball game later that day. Just as Keeton and his grandson were leaving, Hunt arrived and the two adults began to argue. Keeton picked up what has been alternately called a piece of rusty pipe or a length of rebar to defend himself. Hunt took the metal from Keeton and struck him in the forehead, causing a cut that later required stitches. It's been argued whether Hunt's actions were intentional or not, but the younger man was taller than Keeton, and an accidental wound seems far fetched. Others disagree.

2011 - Thursday, November 3rd, Andrasik was driving by the Graham home when the family dog ran in front of his car. He exited his vehicle and approached Graham's son about the continuing problems with the pet running loose. The younger Graham called his father, who then joined in the argument.

2006 - Keeton managed to get away from Hunt, running inside his house. Instead of calling 911 to report the attack, Neler Keeton returned to his front yard where he shot Anthony Hunt three times with a shotgun. Hunt died at the scene.

2011 - At some point, the younger Graham ran over Andrasik's foot. The elder Graham then shot the unarmed David Andrasik point blank in the heart, before walking back into the house to call authorities. Andrasik, 42, was pronounced dead minutes later at Red Bay Hospital.

2007 - A Lauderdale County Jury finds Neler Keeton guilty of manslaughter; Judge Mike Jones sentences him to 20 years in prison.

2012 - A Franklin County grand jury will hear the case against the Grahams this month. What will they find? We sincerely hope justice is served.


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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bad Boys: Jock Bo Riley

Russellville's Jock Bo Riley is another serial bad boy...albeit with a twist; the 30 year-old Riley is said to have gotten away with so much for so long because he's not above informing on his friends. Did we say "friends?"

Riley's documented crime career goes back at least three years. In the early morning hours of December 12, 2008, Riley and a male companion attempted to elude police officers during a routine traffic stop. Fleeing from Colbert County officers, Riley headed toward Leighton where local officers awaited him with a spike-strip. The loss of tires didn't seem to deter Riley who kept on like the Energizer Bunny until he hit a utility poll, causing loss of power to all of downtown Leighton. We hope it wasn't an extremely cold morning.

Riley seemed to have cleaned up his act after a second marriage, but reverted to a life of crime early in 2011. First Riley was charged with a bad check, then his crimes began to rapidly escalate. Riley robbed a Lauderdale County resident of electronics and a 2002 Corvette in early February. Two days later he was arrested in Russellville for home invasion and attempted robbery. You guessed it...Riley was driving the Corvette.

During the past 11 months, family has reported Riley is in rehab; however, he's also been arrested for several robberies in Marion County and other points south. He's still awaiting trial for his Class A Felony theft charges in Lauderdale, and his victim is tired of waiting for justice.


Victims Crime Compensation Laws: We've had some questions about this law. Unfortunately, it does not cover material loss. From the official state site:

In an effort to alleviate hardships suffered by victims of crime, the Alabama Legislature passed the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission Law on June 1, 1984. Alabama's compensation law covers a variety of expenses for which compensation is paid. The Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission provides the only substantial financial compensation to victims for expenses for personal injuries including medical, funeral and counseling bills. This assistance lessens the financial burden on innocent victims of violent crime and serves as a vehicle of hope for the rights of crime victims. Our state law is unique. It requires a victim or family member of a victim of violent crime to serve on the three-member Commission which hears victim compensation cases. This provision insures that claims are reviewed from the victim's standpoint.


We've heard there's a small ball game being played tonight. On behalf of D.K. and TBR, Roll Tide!


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Friday, January 6, 2012

Franklin Probate Judge's Race to be Hotly Contested

When Mike Green (pictured at right) was elected for his second term as Franklin County Probate Judge in 2006, no one suspected it would last only four months. Green was just 54 when a heart attack ended both his life and many of the plans he had to modernize local government in the mainly rural northwestern Alabama county.

Gov. Bob Riley set up a committee to find a replacement for Green, receiving 14 applications for the position. The committee soon narrowed the field to six, including Green's wife Connie who garnered the support of hundreds of voters via petition.

Less than one month after Green's death, Riley appointed Barry Moore as his replacement. Now Moore is running on the Republican ticket for his first full term.

Moore is a Franklin County native and 1990 graduate of the University of North Alabama. He's married to the former Deedra Seele, with whom he has an 11 year-old daughter. The owner of a Russellville tool company, Moore previously served 23 years in the Alabama Army National Guard.

However, the well-liked Moore won't be without opposition, at least on the Democratic side. Russellville realtor Stratt Byars, currently a member of the Franklin County Commission, is expected to announce his candidacy officially within the next few weeks.

From his bio: Stratt is married to Connie Byars and has three children, Stratt, Anna, and Conner. Stratt was born and raised in Franklin County and he and his family live in the Saints Crossroads Community. Stratt is a graduate of Russellville High School and graduated from The University of North Alabama with a B.S. in Management. Stratt is currently serving as a County Commissioner for Franklin County and also is a Real Estate Agent with Davis Realty & Assoc., Inc. Byars is also President of Y.E.S. (Youth, Employment, Seniors) of Franklin County.

The home of Alabama Senate Minority Leader Roger Bedford, Franklin County has always been strongly Democratic. This race could prove to be much more of a toss up than the also sure to be entertaining race for mayor of Russellville.


Bailey's Bailiwick: I'm not a psychologist and I don't even play one on television. Still I'm pretty sure of the kind of persons Ron Wikkid Weems and his happy henchmen are. I'm pretty sure they all lived a life of drugs and yes sex and rock'n'roll, or would that be hip-hop? Jobs sure didn't seem to be at the top of their list.

At last count Weems had six kids by three different women and wasn't supporting any of them. But of course he had that heart condition and all. Wanna bet he regularly took money from Laurel who worked part-time as a cashier? Maybe from his mother too. Didn't she have some kind of disability? Apple Ron may not have dropped too far from the tree there.

But after reading about Ashley Greenhill, I'm almost ready to give Ron a pass. After all he may not have supported his kids, but at least he was never arrested for biting them all over their bodies. Whoever commented these refugees from the funny farm weren't MENSA material sure got that right.

Now let's hope a grand jury indicts Ron for a capital crime and manages to get Ashley in on the deal as well. I'm sure whoever has Ashley's two kids would love to see her down south for at least the next 20 years. Neither one deserves any less.


THE SHOALS DEMOCRATIC CLUB will meet on Monday, January 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Steelworkers' Union Hall on Wilson Dam Road in Muscle Shoals. A light meal will be served at 6 p.m. Speaker for the meeting is Charlie Holley, Democratic Candidate for Congress from the 5th District. The public is invited to attend. For Additional Information, please email shoalsdemocrats@gmail.com or call 256.412.9966.


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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Deal for Ashley Fawn Greenhill? - Part II

At around 3:00 p.m. on October 17th, Robert D. Lee arrived at the home of Ronald Weems to pick up Amanda Taylor. Ashley Greenhill, aka Ash Lette, was sitting on the front porch with Ron's mother Laquania Welch Weems. In her hand was a hatchet that she began to wave over her head in a threatening manner. Greenhill told Lee that sometime after Taylor arrived at the Moss Avenue home around 1:20, she had attacked Ronald Eugene Weems and was no longer at the residence. Lee, fearful for his safety, left the premises. It's good to know Ashley's Juggalo props can pull double duty.

On November 7th, Ashley Greenhill reported to police that she had overheard several phone conversations in which Weems and Laurel Pruett discussed the murder of Taylor and the subsequent disposition of her body. Greenhill stated she was in fear of her life and had shortly thereafter moved out of the Muscle Shoals home she was sharing with the Weems family. Ronald Weems then made his enigmatic Facebook posting in which he called Greenhill a "roach."

Matthew Richard Fox & Co-Worker

According to Laurel Pruett's confession, Ashley Greenhill and her friend Matthew Richard Fox joined Weems and her in the basement of the Moss Avneue home around 10:30 p.m. on the night of the murder. A friend of Fox, aka Fox Fudoshin, has stated Ashley Greenhill texted Fox and asked for information on the best way to hide a body. Fox had ostensibly never met Weems before that night, and Greenhill was the only link between them. We're going to assume Fox now wishes he had never met Ashley Greenhill.

Other sources have stated that after Greenhill looked at Amanda's corpse, she walked upstairs to smoke weed and take Valium while waiting for the safety of nightfall. Fox's friend and co-worker Luke Stanfield stated he has known Ashley Greenhill for approximately ten years and has never known her to be a truthful person. We may infer Stanfield's opinion is correct since she certainly offered several colorful tales to explain the injuries she and her boyfriend inflicted on her then two year-old son.

Yet, Ashley Fawn Greenhill is not in jail with her friends. We have to ask why. What kind of deal was the Brooks High grad offered? Life isn't fair, and neither is death. The enormity of this gruesome murder is mind boggling. If Greenhill isn't prosecuted for this crime, the would-be model will undoubtedly be prosecuted for something else down the road.


An attorney for Kimberly Bynum appeared in Franklin County court this morning and waived a preliminary hearing during the arraignment process. A pre-trial date for the former Vina High School teacher will be set later this month.

Related post: Kimberly Bynum's Long-Term Affair


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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Deal for Ashley Fawn Greenhill? - Part I

By the time Ashley Fawn Greenhill met Clint Matthew Anderson, she had a child and he had a felony conviction. Together they lived on the north end of Howell Street in a bungalow that had seen better days.

Pregnant with Clint's child, Ashley had given guardianship of her two year-old son to her parents, but sometimes brought the child into the home she shared with her then boyfriend. After one such visit, Ashley's parents noticed bite marks over much of the boy's body, along with scratches over his lower back and extremities. The Greenhills immediately reported the child's condition to DHR, and both Ashley and Clint were arrested.

At the time of Ashley Greenhill's arrest for Felony Torture of her child, she was out of jail on bail for charges of burglary, theft, criminal mischief and receiving stolen property.
Her bail revoked, the 21 year-old Ashley agreed to enter drug rehab and was given leniency by the courts. Clint's parole was revoked, and he was returned to the Alabama Department of Corrections where he remains incarcerated at a facility called the Cattle Ranch. He's scheduled to be released on September 9, 2014.

By the fall of 2011, Ashley was 24 and enrolled in classes at NWSCC studying to be a hair dresser. Her online profiles describe her as a model, but acquaintances stated she worked as a stripper. The portrait to the left was posted online ten days before the murder of Amanda Taylor. On the networking site, Ashley has one contact--"Rob Noxious."

Needing a home, Ashley asked fellow Insane Clown Posse groupie Ron Weems for a place to stay. Weems allowed the young woman to move into the Muscle Shoals home he shared with his widowed mother, but later commented on Facebook that Ashley was a "roach" who had brought other vermin into his house. Whether he referred to Matthew Fox, we may only surmise.

By now Laurel Pruett, the mother of Ron Weems' four year-old daughter, had moved into a home in Sheffield. While Laurel was a frequent visitor to the Moss Avenue home she once shared with Ron, friends have said theirs was an open relationship and many believed him to be involved sexually with Ashley.

Tomorrow: Part II - The Cover-Up


Several readers have asked what yesterday's preliminary hearing for Ron Weems actually decided. The hearing only established that there was enough evidence against Weems to present the case to the grand jury. The next grand jury meets January 9th, but our opinion is District Attorney Bryce Graham will wait to hone his case. The indictment shouldn't hold any surprises, but will resolve what specific charges Weems, Pruett, and Fox will face. Certainly Amanda Taylor's family is hoping for an indictment of Capital Murder. Any time served in jail awaiting trial will be counted against Weems' sentence should he be convicted--almost a foregone conclusion.

Weems' attorney may ask for other hearings concerning the introduction of evidence or change of venue after the indictment. There can be other delays in trying the case due to backlogs at forensic testing centers. In other words, a July trial is not guaranteed and may be overly optimistic. By no means did Tuesday's preliminary hearing end the legal battle to bring justice for Amanda Taylor's family.


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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ron (Wikkid) Weems: He's Just a Juggalo

"I know that they've been together. I don't know how often or how long." Ron Weems' mother when asked about a physical relationship between her son and his victim.

This afternoon, District Judge Chad Coker will have the unenviable displeasure of looking Ronald Eugene Weems and Matthew Richard Fox in the face for the second time. It should be pretty cut and dried for Fox; either Judge Coker will reduce Fox's bail or not. Fox has made some horrendous choices in his life the past few months, but we doubt he will be indicted for Felony Murder. We're very interested in how Chad will handle this case.

As for Ron (Wikkid) Weems? Today's hearing ostensibly will decide if the State has enough evidence to indict. Well...there are the confessions of all three defendants.

The most interesting issue to be decided in the near future will be the verdicts of the January grand jury. Will the state wish to indict Weems for Felony Murder or go for a Capital charge? Does the State have grounds for a Capital Murder indictment?

Click for Larger Image

Laurel Pruett's confession indicated Amanda Taylor's body was lying on the basement floor with her jeans and underpants removed. It's not a stretch that the prosecution will contend Weems killed his former sister-in-law during an attempted rape. Laquania Weems has stated her son had a previous physical relationship with his ex-wife's sister--rape might be hard to prove. The difference? If indicted and convicted of only Felony Murder, Weems would at some point be eligible for parole. Even so, we doubt that Amanda Taylor's friends and family would fail to protest the release of this Juggalo gigolo.


What others are saying about Ronald Eugene Weems:

Of course the question is going to come up if the ‘music’ of ICP caused Weems to kill. As much as I deride Juggalos the music does not cause anyone to kill. It’s more of case of people with violent tendencies being drawn to their music. - Nationally known blogger Trench Reynolds

If guilty, this cornfed moron must have lived under a rock for the past decade or so, because he obviously missed the part about forensic testing. - Crime writer Chelsea Hoffman


Congrats to UNA on their rehire of Bobby Wallace. The university's board can do something right...


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