Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tony Logan Blames the Media

Especially after the municipal court trial, there was an inordinate amount of media coverage, television coverage and newspaper print coverage. Likewise, there have been numerous Internet blogs as well as just word of mouth. - Tim Case, Defense Attorney for Tony Logan

Florence attorney Tim Case is seeking to have Tony Logan's second DUI trial moved to a county outside Northwest Alabama. We won't attempt to guess how much more this will cost the taxpayers of Lauderdale County, if anything. Since a special prosecutor is still in place from Logan's March trial in Florence Municipal Court, we assume the only participant forced to travel to the wilds of South Alabama would be the judge, and that wouldn't be a given since Gil Self and the the other two circuit court judges may recuse as well.

Will the evidence against Logan not play as well in an area in which he is an anonymous law enforcement officer? A blood alcohol level of .272 three hours after the Tuscumbia chief's arrest should smell as sour in any venue. We have every confidence that other areas of Alabama will realize that Tony Logan's blood was over one-fourth gram per decalitre alcohol. We think any confusion the jurors may have will involve the logistics of Logan even being able to start an ignition in such an inebriated state.

As for Internet blogs, we weren't aware our friend at Osborne Ink had commented on this local case. Should any of our readers have missed our views on the former Florence Deputy Chief, we'll happily provide links.

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