Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lauderdale v. Colbert...or Who's Your Daddy?!!!

Everyone knows, just as they have known for over one hundred years, that residents of Colbert County should not spend their tax dollars in Lauderdale, just as Lauderdale citizens should never support any civic project in Colbert. Further, don't even think about mentioning Franklin County. Yes, we know all this was supposed to have changed some years ago, but has it?

All of us who work with Shoalanda live in Lauderdale County with the exception of one individual. Trader lives in Colbert County, and while we have not asked him how he feels about any elections on either side of the river, we're sure he knows he's more than welcome to contribute to this blog as well as his own. That goes for everyone who reads us; we openly solicit blogs from readers of every political slant and have never failed to publish any that have been sent to us.

Yet, many seem to have read one or two of our almost 600 columns and continue to make assumptions about who we are and what we stand for. They (who woulda thunk it?) even wander aimlessly with their false ideas and publish them as fact in other venues.

As far as we honestly know, our publisher, who has never written the first blog or told us what to write, is the only person associated with Shoalanda who is related to any candidate in the tri-county area. He is related by marriage to a Lauderdale candidate. Nor have any of us used any candidates to obtain a divorce, buy a car, or have the lawn mowed. Our opinions are based on facts and personal observations. We offer them to you in the For What It's Worth Department and hope that you both enjoy the content as well as learn a few things that might not be common knowledge.

When Billy Underwood predicted the Colbert County District Judge's race would be the one to watch, the political equivalent of an Auburn-Alabama football game, he wasn't just gushing idle rhetoric for the TimesDaily. One has only to read the TD Forum to see what balderdash is being uttered about many of these Colbert attorneys.

Our opinion on the leaders in this race is just that--opinion based on observation and accounts sent to us from all areas of Colbert County, from Cherokee to Littleville to Leighton. As we have said before, the race is still anybody's ball game, especially with Tim Milam's 30K still to come into advertising play. It's a sad commentary, but many vote based on slick adverts without even a nod to the issues. Thank God we live in a Republic and not a Democracy.


The civil suit against former Cherokee mayor Mignon Willis began yesterday after a series of delays. We'll keep you abreast of events as they are related to us.


Colbert County candidate for Sheriff Lyn Gregory will be in Leighton today from 10:30 a.m until 12:30 p.m. Stop by the Leighton Volunteer Fire Department to speak with Lyn and learn about his vision for modern and ethical law enforcement in the county. We understand he will also be serving hot dogs, so we can't think of a better lunch date.