Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Readers Speak

Some recent comments and questions--we'll start with a humorous, but valid question:

Don't you guys have spell check?
Yes, but it doesn't work on titles (and apparently our editor doesn't either), so if you see any blatant errors, please contact us asap. Many thanks.

Why do you all comment on other counties if you live in Lauderdale? Please read yesterday's blog. This is 2010; what's good for Lauderdale is good for Colbert is good for Franklin is good for Alabama. Even if you don't live in Lauderdale, feel free to send any comments about elections in this county . Again, we're happy to publish guest commentaries.

Do you have an agenda? Only for the best candidates to lead us into an uncertain future. Again, please read yesterday's blog. No one pays us anything and we have endorsed in three counties so far. We don't endorse if we don't have facts on which to base that endorsement; however, we realize any political stance is less valid or important to those whom it doesn't affect. If the voter doesn't have food on the table, he/she couldn't care less if the candidate is green or not.

If I want to send you a guest blog, do you have to publish my name? No, in fact we have published most commentaries under a pen name. We welcome all work, but will edit for vulgar language and anything that could be inferred as libelous. Your opinions do not have to agree with ours--that's one of the major reasons for accepting guest commentaries. We are happy to publish opposing views; however, we will not accept any blogs that support rapists, pedophiles, etc.--that should be self-explanatory.

Those figures on the Colbert County District Judge race seem low. Where did they come from? The guest commentary we recently published used data (we take it) originally published in the ShoalsInsider...and many thanks to that website for publishing them. The State of Alabama has updated disclosures, and we are publishing those figures today.


That brings us back to that donnybrook in Colbert County. Just who has spent what? Here's an updated list (amounts rounded to nearest thousand):

Nathan Johnson - 7K

Tina Miller Parker - 10K

Chad Coker - 22K

Polly Ruggles - 23K

Tim Milam - 38K

With the election twelve days away, it should be interesting to see how campaign expenses compare to the final vote tabulations.


Finally, we haven't had a poll in quite some time. We've received many questions about our "man on the street" based predictions in the above race, so today we're offering a poll on the Democratic primary for Colbert County District Judge. The poll will record only one vote per IP addy.