Thursday, May 6, 2010

Party Like a Russellville Chicken Worker?

Brinley Brothers' Bistro has never been afraid of controversy, having taken some recent hits concerning its Beer Pong tournaments. Now, the downtown Florence eatery has taken on one-third of Russellville's population--Hispanics.

We doubt that Brinley's is worried about any backlash from the PC crowd, but we'll take this opportunity to educate a few folks. Mexico has a Caucasian population of 15%--think Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro or singer Placido Domingo. The other 85% is an indigenous people or a mixture; many don't even speak Spanish and are technically not Hispanic. Besides, a large percentage of chicken plant workers are Guatemalan and have an inbred animosity toward Mexicans--in other words, they won't be celebrating Mexico's Independence Day.

Now, for the salient question. Did Tim James show up?


Update: The preliminary hearing scheduled April 30th for Andrew Daniel Scott of Killen has been postponed until May 24th. The UNA nursing student faces charges of possession of a controlled substance(s) and drug paraphernalia. Scott's battle to wrest his biological child from its custodial parents is set to be heard by the Alabama Appeals Court in June.


House of Representatives candidate Brad Holmes has a new video on You Tube: