Saturday, May 1, 2010

Morality? I've Heard That Word...

Unless you've been sleeping in this morning, you've already heard about Vera Baker. Surprised? For some reason, we were, and we're not tremendous Obama supporters. The implications? Ron Sparks can use the fact that he's a divorce' to his advantage--he has no wife to be unfaithful to should he become governor.


Tune in tomorrow night for Channel 31's Lawline at 10:30 p.m. Guest commentator will be Tina Miller Parker, candidate for Colbert County District Judge. We're predicting she, along with Chad Coker, will be in a run-off for the Democratic nomination.


It's Saturday, so it must be raining. Didn't we use that line last week? Well, it's always in style. Rogersville is staging a special May Day First Saturday event. We would suggest calling the library at 247-0151 before making a special trip.

Happy May Day: Today is the traditional occasion to place a hawthorn wreath upon the door. The reason? It keeps away witches. If you don't have any hawthorn, don't worry; we haven't seen Nancy Pelosi around recently.