Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tim Milam's Forgotten Son

The Forgotten Son

A Guest Commentary By

Hoffman Dean

The topic of children and family has been pointed out as an important issue among candidates in the Colbert County District Judge’s race. Although it has been mentioned in passing within several TimesDaily forums, I feel the need to draw direct attention to the following question:

“Where’s your forgotten son, Mr. Milam?”

Most people learn early in life, often from their parents, that it’s never a good idea to throw stones in a glass house. Mr. Milam apparently never grasped the meaning of that statement. Possibly, because his father was deceased and his relationship with his mother became extremely volatile. As for the reason, we may never really know. But maybe, just maybe, the oldest candidate in the Colbert county district judge’s race will learn this valuable life lesson now, before anyone else suffers the wrath of his dirty campaign tactics.

Tim Milam states, on several occasions and on various political marketing pieces, that he adopted THE CHILD of his deceased sister, who passed away after a lengthy battle with Cystic Fibrosis. The truth is that his niece and nephew were to be left with and cared for by his mother. Mr. Milam and his wife, as evident in Colbert County court records, sued his mother for custody of his sister’s two children, a boy and a girl. So I ask you now, concerned voters of Colbert County, what kind of man, what kind of father, rips a family apart to gain custody of a child, and parents that young child, only to give him away a few years later? The same man who sues the woman who gave everything to raise him on her own. The same man who never mentions his mother or the FORGOTTEN SON he gave away because of minor discipline issues. As for the evidence, follow these links and you will find personal photos of Tim Milam’s adopted son. The proof is in the captions.

In 2004 Dallas Milam was part of the Tim Milam family. He called Tim and his wife “Mom & Dad,” and Tim’s grandson was referred to as the boy's nephew. But just two short years later, he was no longer in the Deshler High School football program as part of the Milam family, he was living in Mississippi, playing football at a different high school, throwing up “gang signs” and referring to himself as “Lil Gotti.”

How easy it is for a child to get lost in this world when parental guidance is absent in their lives. How important is a candidate’s relationship with their own family in regards to the their ability to weigh cases in family court?

If Tim Milam is elected judge, will the children of Colbert County be as disposable as his own FORGOTTEN SON?


I just wanted to back up the statement that Tim's adopted son has been repeatedly left out of any and all political statements made by the Milam camp (his words in red).

Interests: "My wife Sonia, my children; Nina, Hunter, Morgan and Myranda and my grand children, Grant and Ava! Im all about my famiily!"

From his ShoalsInsider release:

"I am a proud parent and grandparent of four kids and 2 grand kids. My life revolves around them and what sport/activity they are involved in."


"It is crucial for any District Court Judge to have children. I have biological children and have adopted a child. Until a person walks in the shoes they should not be allowed to Judge others. How can any person who does not have children be, qualified to decide all the issues for any child in District Court? I do not believe they can. A Judge should have their own children before they can understand how to treat someone else’s children. District Court Judge also hear adoptions under certain circumstances. I have handled many, many adoptions. Further, as stated above, I have adopted a child. Two of the other candidates do not even have children. None of the other candidates have ever adopted a child."


"My sister died of Cystic Fibrosis in April of 1999 and my wife and I adopted her child, Myranda, she attends Deshler middle school."


More tomorrow on Johnny Mack Morrow. Until then we leave you with our favorite quote from this campaign. BFred in the TimesDaily Forums on Judge Jimmy Sandlin: "Once you get past the whole adultery and screwing over his family thing he's a pretty good guy."