Monday, May 17, 2010

No Longer Smokin'...No Longer Mowin'

The University of North Alabama is getting even more serious in its efforts to quell tobacco use on campus. Kudos to the university for extending its tobacco free zone; now no tobacco products are allowed within 30 feet of doors, open windows, and breezeways.

We're not sure what percentage of faculty and students smokes, but this would be an ideal time to institute a campus wide cessation program. Students taking Community Nursing classes could man an office or kiosk where help would be available each day during the semester.


Do you know your mail carrier? None of us here does, in the changing world of the United States Postal Service. Now it seems that eBay is seeking to prevent the USPS from eliminating Saturday mail delivery. Shaif Sleiman, an eBay procurement director, has specifically mentioned the service's current low postal rates. He must not be using the same USPS that operates here in the Shoals. We've heard recent complaints that, even with increased revenue from higher rates, the Muscle Shoals Post Office no longer mows its lawns with any regularity.


Just who are The New Sons of Liberty? Apparently so many entities are claiming that distinction, they could be a doo-wop group. One NSL has announced support for gubernatorial candidate Tim James, while another has pre-purchased one million dollars in television ads for candidate(s) as yet unnamed.

A relatively small group purchasing one million dollars worth of TV adverts in a state election is rather like...oh, we dunno...let's say a county district judge candidate spending thirty thousand dollars.