Saturday, May 15, 2010

One Star-Spangled Spectacular Comin' Up

Pictured: Star-Spangled Spectacular 2008

It's off. No, wait, it's on. Okay, it's a maybe.

Not sure where you'll be spending Independence Day if the annual Spirit of Freedom celebration is canceled...for good this time? We understand the fireworks display has gradually diminished until it was over within five minutes last year; will 2010 be a real fizzle?

So, where do you go if you just have to have that pyrotechnic fix? Try Doublehead Resort, just south of Wheeler Dam in Lawrence County. This July 4th will mark their third Star-Spangled Spectacular, an event that many have come to prefer over the McFarland Park display.

We do have to ask...whatever became of sparklers in the back yard?


We recently endorsed Chad Holden for Lauderdale County Board of Education Place 2. The Place 1 seat currently held by longtime member Joe Frank Fowler is also up for grabs this year. Three educators are vying to succeed the 73 year-old Fowler: Mike Palmer, Sherrie Perkins, and Larry Roberson.

Of the three, Roberson has the most varied experience. He is also retired from the local system, ostensibly ensuring his neutrality in county issues--a trait that has often been lacking in the Lauderdale Board. We endorse Larry Roberson for Lauderdale Board of Education Place 1.

What's up with this: We've previously found Republican candidate for House of Representatives Les Phillip an interesting politician. Now he's comparing himself to Rush Limbaugh. Hmmm, which is a worse role model: Rush Limbaugh or Ron Sparks? We're thinking...we're thinking...